How do you end violance against women with GBM in your entourage?


Re: First Ladies want end to sexual violence

Allow me to remark on the report, “First Ladies want end to sexual violence” run in Ugandan paper “New Vision” edition of 15th December, 2011.

The call to end sexual violence by the first ladies to the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) is noble and deserving the support of every rights activist in Africa and around the world. However, the Zambian President elect H.E Michael Sata, the first lady Dr Kaseba and the entire Zambian Government entourage in Uganda must be reminded that the call by the first ladies lacks the confidence of Zambians as long as Government does not lead by example on matters of Gender violence.

It’s regrettable that this declaration has the signature of Dr. Kaseba whose husband President Sata of Zambia has just rewarded a vicious women abuser as his Defense Minister. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has turned out to be an embodiment of women abuses in Zambia but without regard of facts, the President has given him the Defense role. Therefore this call in Zambia is just for political posturing on an international platform. At home it lacks political and moral conviction on the Government. If the ruling administration has a policy of embracing women abusers in its ranks, where do they draw moral authority to champion the call of ending sexual violence?

The Zambian Women civil society movement NGOCC has called for the arrest of Geoffrey Bwaly Mwamba a violent man against women, but Head of State Michael Sata has brushed them off instead he has appointed the culprit to his cabinet short of publicly approving acts of violence against women. First ladies from ICGLR member countries may start questioning the integrity of the Zambian entourage on sexual violence

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