How do you expect broke musicians to reject PF money? Asks Slap D


By Slapdee (Mwila Musonda)

Ask anyone that knows me well, I’m not a huge fan of politics, never been. 13 years in this business I have kept my brand away from politics. If I wanted a piece of that cake nga kale nalya but I have people that advise me on these things and tell me when or when not to move.

Secondly guys, you must understand that music is a business & not always a movement. Not every musician is an activist. Some are in it to feed their families, achieve their goals or simply just for the passion. I’m in it for the passion – I love making music. If you expect musicians to be your movement, then you have it all wrong. A movement or ‘revolution’ as it’s being referred to is for everyone affected. How do you expect the same musicians you scold, call broke, (only ‘fit for K3,000 to be silenced’) to refuse a reasonable offer put on the table? It takes a well balanced musician to turn down certain offers. Every man has a price.

A movement involves everyone affected, YOU inclusive. A movement is not just commenting on a blog or posting we want change on your page, it’s more than that. The only thing a musician has that you don’t is their influence! The same influence that footballers, DJs, Actors and many degree holders have.

You may have seen pictures of myself and a few others in a meeting. Yes it’s true we met to discuss different issues. I do not have control on who else was there, where we met or what was discussed. What I do have control of though, is the power to make a choice bearing in my mind what the consequences of my choice may be.

Dear friends, allow me to stick to my music because that is what I know best. My opinions about political issues will be personal just as it has been the last 13 years of music. I have witnessed throughout my career how this can be harmful to a successful brand. One minute you are celebrated, next you are called a sellout or insulted.

So once again, call me a coward if you like but please allow me to focus on making music and TikTok videos.???? Things I have a some experience in. I will support what is right and stick with you as you have done by my music. Let activists be activists and musicians be musicians.


Shi Nandi.

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