How is Lungu using his blessing ?

How is Lungu using his blessing ?

By Antonio Mwanza

It is a marvellous blessing and a rare honour and privilege for anyone to be President. Presidency is the highest office in the land and only ONE out of TEN million can be President.

Anyone who knows the political life of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu or anyone who followed Lungu’s road to the Presidency knows very well that there is no way that today Mr Edgar Lungu could be the Republican President save for God’s own fate or blessing.

It is a “miracle” that even his wife, Mama Esther Lungu has confessed that they (Mama Esther Lungu and President Lungu himself) find difficult to believe that it is indeed them in State House. But is Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu utilising his blessing properly? Is he using the Presidency to provide quality leadership? Is he using his blessing to uplift millions out of poverty; create opportunities for women and youths; to eliminate corruption and injustice; to end political violence and police brutality and make Zambia a better place for all? God can give you a blessing but it is up to you to use that blessing in a proper way. God can bless you with children but it’s your responsibility to raise them right.

Woman rubbing her bottom on president's trouser

Woman rubbing her bottom on president’s trouser

God can bless you with a wife but it’s up to you to love her and treat her right. God can bless you with a house but it’s your duty to turn it into a home. God can bless you with a pretty face and a voluptuous body but it’s up to you to ensure that your beauty doesn’t become your curse. God will bless you but it is your own responsibility to make good of that blessing. May God bless you with the wisdom to use your blessing in the right way.

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