How Kitwe police and towing companies steal vehicle parts

  • The Editor,

    Thank you so much for allowing my disappointment to be shared with the world.
    ZWD, it seems here in Kitwe, there is crooked collusion between the Police and some companies involved in towing vehicles that have been involved in accidents.
    When there is an accident in Kitwe involving light vehicles, there are Self-Contracted Towing Companies who move to the scene to do the job of towing damaged cars. This towing mostly takes place in presence of the Police from Kitwe Central Police.
    However, one shocking thing is that, the towed vehicle reaches the Police completely dismembered and ransacked. By the time the vehicle gets to Kitwe Police Station, most of the remaining Parts like Wheels, Battery and other cardinal engine parts are removed completely.
    The ransacking of the vehicle is mostly done especially when the driving-owner and the victims have been rushed to the Hospital.
    The Police at the scene of the accident get all the details of the vehicle and even pictures, but when it reaches the station, there are some other officers who receive and record the ransacked towed car.
    When you ask about this ransacking, all the Police officers involved from the accident scene to the receiving officers and investigation department become ignorant all of sudden. There seems to be no correlation between the record from the accident scene and the record prepared by receiving officers at the station here at Kitwe Central Police.
    I am very sure that there is a deliberate scheme to destroy the actual accident record so that the thieving Cars Towers go scot free, hence share the benefits of theft with some few police officers.

    There are Police officers, such as Chief Inspector Mbooneka, Mulenga (from Traffic) and Sinkala (from Investigations) must know the evil scheme of these Towing companies.
    Please Zambian Watchdog; investigate this issue, as the remaining property of the innocent people is lost every time due to this collusion between some police officers and Towing companies here in Kitwe.
    One surprising thing is that these Towing Companies do not come to the owner of the car for their pay but just vanish with every remaining lucrative part removed from the car.
    Thank you

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