How KK suffered at the instigation of Sata

Dear Editor

Many Zambians have followed the status and plight of former President Kaunda ever since he left State House in 1991. Some of the sequence of events were as follows:
(1) Late President FTJ Chiluba’a governance style was oiled by prominent Bemba-speaking politicians of whom the current President Sata and Elias Chipimo (Snr.) were the prominent Chief advisers to FTJ.
(2) At the instigation of Sata, KK’s personal library and Chapel were taken over by FTJ’s regime.
(3) At the instigation of Sata, the secret security tunnels linked to State House were revealed to the nation just to accuse KK of the alleged acts of tortures in those tunnels. The obvious goal was to embarrass KK and kill UNIP.
(4) At the instigation of Sata, KK was denied official accommodation due to a former President as provided by Zambian constitution. A good Zambian Sumaritan came to KK’s rescue by offering a house to live in the Kalundu residential area.
(5) At the instigation of Sata, KK and many prominent UNIP leaders (including Snr. Chief Inyambo Yeta) were locked up over the tramped-up Black Mamba and Zero-Options sagas. FTJ/Sata’s dancing Queens such as Nawakwi danced with glee (pleasure) to the tunes of “KAUNDA ALALA” The former Presidents Mandela and Nyerere had to prevail over FTJ to ask for KK’s release.
(6) At the instigation of Sata, KK’s estate at Shambalakale in Chinsali was attacked through  destruction of crops. This forced KK to re-locate his farming estate to Sinda Misale.
(5) At the instigation of Sata, the Chiluba regime acused KK of hiding secret military hardware at Sinda Misale in Chadidza. etc., etc. This was a lie concocted by Sata.

The nation knows well that KK’s integrity and his personal welfare was restored when the Late Mwanawasa took over the reigns of government. Mwanawasa arranged for KK’s official residence in Kabulonga area and initiated the construction of the official retirement house. This programme to assist KK was maintained by RB’s government. The young people who were born in the 1980s need to understand the roles that former Presidents Mwanawasa and RB played to restore KK’s integrity. The unfolding claims by KK are puzzling.

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