How lawyers led by Silwamba have infiltrated parastatals

How lawyers led by Silwamba have infiltrated parastatals

How lawyers led by Eric Silwamba have infiltrated and taken over government parastatals

Eric Silwamba, high priest of the cartel and chairman of the biggest parastatal in Zambia, ZCCM-IH

Bonaventure Mutale – Lawyer and Former Attorney General, Chairperson for Zambia Airways – Not yet functional but salaries and allowances are being paid

Milingo Lungo – lawyer, chairman for the National Airports Corporation Limited (NACL)

Joe Simachela, lawyer, chairperson for the Food Reserve Agency. State capture is complete. Lawyers now decide who gets what maize contract.

Lubinda Linyama, lawyer and Silwamba’s junior partner, Board Chairperson for Zambia Railways. He is currently trying to destroy Zambia Railways to pave way for the cartel’s own investors

Sukwana Lukangaba, State House lawyer and Silwamba’s blue-eyed boy. He, on behalf of his master Silwamba tells president Lungu which lawyer should be appointed board chairperson

A Parastatal also called a State Owned Enterprise (SOE) is company that undertakes commercial activities on behalf of government. Seed money is from tax payers, you and me. It is our company. Being commercial entities, parastatals must be run on a purely commercial basis by experts in business. It does not make sense for an economist to head a law firm. Why should a lawyer with no training in commerce head a commercial enterprise? To put it in perspective, what does Lubinda Linyama with his ‘silent’ LLB from UNZA know about the rail industry for him to be chairperson of Zambia railways? When did Eric Silwamba become an expert in mining or the selling of metals? Does Joe Simachela even know the planting season? Some crap metal can argue that a chairman is just a figure head as he is not involved in every day operations of a particular parastatal. Not in Zambia. We all know what is happening in Zambia. Once someone is appointed chairperson, they take over even buying of office coffee. They become CEO number one. They become part of management. They actually make the day to day decisions as this brings with it per diem and other allowances.

What we are seeing here is a cartel of lawyers increasingly dominating state enterprises for their own greedy and selfish motives. Instead of making commercial, business decisions on behalf of parastatals, these lawyers are busy making legal decisions. And these legal decisions are not in good faith or public interest but in the interests of their bottomless pockets. Look at what has been done to Ndola Lime under the charge of Silwamba! Ndola Lime is a company under ZCCM – IH. ZCCM gave Ndola Lime a loan of over $100m to buy kiln. Ndola Lime ordered and paid upfront to an Italian company Kiln which proved to be defective and expired. Just after receiving the money, the Italian Company dissolved itself, meaning Zambia lost more than $100 million. No one was investigated or made accountable. It is not even clear if the money was actually wired to Itally or the defective kiln was gathered from black mountain and the money shared among ZCCM and Ndola Lime bosses.

See the details as compiled by ZWD in 2019…/

Right now they are in the process of liquidating Ndola Lime. Once Liquidation is completed, they will create another company to do exactly what Ndola lime has been doing, supplying lime to the mines. The new company will not be a parastatal (government owned). It will be a private company owned by these same criminals using proxies. The private company will take over the equipment, good will including the market of Ndola Lime. It will have no competitor as the parastatals will have been killed. Ndola Lime is being liquidated to pave way for a company owned by the people liquidating Ndola Lime. Does anyone in Government care? No. They are all part of the rot of they are busy stealing whatever they are in charge with.

The same card is being played at Zambia Railways. There are heightened moves to ‘delete’ Zambia railways and pave way for their private companies. We are watching.

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