How Lubinda is framed in the Post

 In the name of journalism, the PF cadres at Bwinjinfumu have written the following:
PATRIOTIC Front members of parliament have accused foreign affairs minister and Kabwata member of parliament Given Lubinda of treachery.
And PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba has given Lubinda a one-week ultimatum to exculpate himself following allegations of his collaboration with opposition MMD and UPND to discredit PF’s decisions and policies.

In a letter to Lubinda dated December 10, 2012 copied to President Michael Sata, Kabimba stated that the alleged acts by Lubinda were in breach of the latter’s obligation as a member of the PF under its constitution for which the party intends to institute disciplinary action against him.

Well-placed sources yesterday disclosed that Lubinda’s recent conduct has been a matter of discussion at so many fora, including cabinet meetings.
Lubinda was once spokesperson for the UPND during party founder Anderson Mazoka’s time before he defected to the United Liberal Party which entered into an electoral pact with the PF for the 2006 elections. Before then, Lubinda was Kabwata member of parliament under the UPND and was re-elected MP in 2006 under the PF-ULP ticket.

“We have a problem and it’s high time the senior party and government leadership acted decisively on this matter. We cannot allow this situation to continue; it’s not fair for the party especially the poor people who sacrificed for this victory,” the sources revealed.

“We struggled for 10 years before getting into government and we shall not allow Given Lubinda to sink us with his bitterness and frustration. Those of us who are at Parliament know for a fact that Lubinda has been ‘double-dealing’. We are glad that even the President has picked this information through his security network because we are told he warned ministers during the last Cabinet meeting, which was held on Monday.

“We are informed that the President expressed concern and took strong exception to cabinet ministers leaking information to the opposition. He told the meeting that his security network has informed him of certain ministers’ clandestine activities. We only hope action will follow after this.”

The sources accused Lubinda of working with the opposition, especially UPND to frustrate government efforts, particularly in the House.
“We are aware that Lubinda has been planting point of orders, questions and clarifications amongst opposition MPs to embarrass government and certain cabinet ministers he doesn’t like for reasons best known to himself.

For instance, we know how he went out of his way to try and derail or embarrass Sylvia Masebo when we were debating the ministry of tourism,” the sources said. “We also know how he has been conniving with some elements within UPND and MMD to instigate or incite unnecessary acrimony between the government and the opposition parliamentarians. We challenge Lubinda to deny that he didn’t play any role in instigating the debate on the K1.5 billion allocation to the first lady’s office.”

The sources added: “You may wonder how we know all this; its simple, the same opposition MPs he has been courting are now fed up of him and are reporting back to us. It’s the opposition MPs that are informing and warning us against Lubinda’s alleged activities. They are also wondering what has gone wrong because the man keeps bothering them with notes to instigate points of orders, interjections and questions, which are against the government and its policies.”

The sources said a number of ruling party parliamentarians are now convinced that Lubinda is with PF for expedience.

“Clearly, from his conduct, we can all see that Lubinda is only with us for expedience and it’s just a matter of time before his true colours are seen. This is the man who even boasts at the bar when drinking with certain opposition MPs that he is more comfortable in UPND than PF.

So why is he with us? How can we trust such a guy?” a source asked. “You can even see the contempt on the guy’s face when the President and certain ministers he doesn’t like are talking. This we have all seen and are now fed up. We suffered for this party and we shall not allow people that came only yesterday to demean our leadership, especially the President.

“Lubinda must be reminded that he is what he is because of President Sata’s kindness and fatherly approach to matters. He is even lucky to be a Cabinet minister? Therefore, its him of all people in PF today that need to show maximum loyalty to the party and the President in particular.”

And Kabimba stated that the PF had received adverse reports against Lubinda over his alleged disloyalty to the ruling party.

“…It is alleged that you have been actively working and/or collaborating with some members of the opposition in the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) and the United Party for National Development (UPND) with the intention of discrediting the party’s decisions and policies and hence bringing the name and image of the party into disrepute. It is further alleged that you have been responsible for planting some of the adverse articles in the Daily Nation newspaper against the party and its leadership,” he stated.

“In your collaboration with some opposition members of parliament, you have been responsible for leaking confidential information to them which information came into your possession as a senior member of the party. Such information has been regularly posted by your collaborators or yourself on the Zambian Watchdog so as to discredit the image of the party and its leadership.”
Kabimba stated that the party therefore intends to institute disciplinary action against Lubinda based on the above allegations.

“In view of the foregoing, I would be obliged to receive from you an exculpatory statement within seven days from the date hereof for reference to the disciplinary committee of the central committee for consideration and determination of this matter,” stated Kabimba.
Lubinda could not comment on the matter as he was reportedly away in The Gambia for official duty.

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