How Lungu, Lubinda & others shared forest

How Lungu, Lubinda & others shared forest


By Brian Chembe

SEVERAL families were displaced in Shibiyunji after former president Edgar Lungu and his friends shared the forest.

The forest is located 100km from Lusaka in Kapyanga area of chief Shakumbila.

Mr Lungu, Given Lubinda, Jean Kapata, Inonge Wina, the chief passports officer, ZNS Mumbwa commandant, and one other state house senior official (Mr Banda) pushed the agenda to degazette the forest and then shared it among themselves.

Given Lubinga immediately commenced farm works and raring goats, cattle and chickens on the same land while others just put some wire fence.

ZNS equipment was used to clear the land
Several people were displaced and trees cut. Displaced families presented a petition to chief shakumbila but to no avail.

The subjects nearly dethroned the chief over the matter but Mr Lungu then as head of state intervened.

Todate, the area is heavily guarded and local people are not allowed to even gather firewood from there.

With the change of government, the local people now want the issue concerning Forest 42 revived as they have not benefitted from it.

This forest had been the source of livelihood for the people of kapyanga for a long time.

An intervention by the UPND government is not too late to albeit such high levels of corruption.

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