How many hours does Edgar spend in each of the 3 busy offices- UPND question

GOVERNMENT should clearly explain how practical it is for a Cabinet minister to run three busy offices, the UPND has demanded.

UPND Southern Province secretary Winnerson Ng’uni has said Government should also state how many hours such a minister would be required to spend in each office.

Mr Ng’uni was referring to the appointment of Mr Edgar Lungu, who is Minister of Defence as Minister of Justice as well as Patriotic Front secretary-general.

He said the UPND did not find it suitable for Mr Lungu to hold two ministerial positions while at the same time holding the ruling party’s top position.

Mr. Ng’uni told the Daily Nation that it was difficult to determine whether service delivery would be achieved as expected if Mr Lungu continued with the three positions.

“They (PF) should tell us how many hours Mr Lungu spends in each office every day in order to qualify for those three positions he is holding. If he is a Minister of Defence then we expect him to work eight hours daily and that is what he is expected to do also as Minister of Justice and secretary general respectively.

“To us in UPND, we feel PF has run out of manpower. We challenge them to find a solution to that because it is not conducive,” he said.  Mr. Ng’uni said it was unacceptable for the PF government to subject Zambians to a trial leadership which was a route the PF was using.

And Mr. Ng’uni has condemned some media houses and individuals that are complaining over Wynter Kabimba’s dismissal. He said there was nothing special about Mr. Kabimba’s dismissal because he was an ordinary citizen like any other Zambian. Mr Ng’uni said the dismissal of Mr Kabimba had exposed the tribal schemes in PF.

“The PF including Mr Kabimba used to call UPND tribal but now that he is out of Government what are they talking about?  It is now clear that this PF is a tribal party. The dismissal of Kabimba says it all as we witnessed some celebrations,” he said.

Daily Nation

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