How many more plaques before Zambia repents ?

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Since Zambia is a Christian Nation, we are pretty sure that the majority citizens do remember the story of Moses and the Pharaohs in Exodus 9.

We want to remind Zambians that the Pharaoh was not stupid, at least according to him. He was doing “everything right” for his own interests and those of Egypt, but God had other plans for his people and actually sent 10 plagues when the Pharaoh proved stubborn. It was only after the 10th plague that the pharaoh succumbed.

PF members also feel that they are doing everything right in supporting PF to continue staying in power…just like the Egyptians felt. It could be that some are serving their personal interests while others could genuinely be thinking that they are doing this in the interest of the Nation. But sometimes selfishness, misguided loyalty, and many other elements have the potential to cloud our minds and sound judgement.

For example, some people support PF just because it was Sata who started it, while others support PF just because they want to prove that they are more die-hard supporters than others. Some actually chose to stay in PF because they feel a Tonga cannot rule Zambia. And these reasons are totally misguided and indeed cloud the minds from making sound judgments. Such reasoning makes people blind to the plagues we are facing as a nation, just like the Pharaohs where blinded until the 10th plague.

Look at these plagues that have hit Zambia for example;

1). Worst Dollar-exchange rate ever

2). Worst Inflation ever

3). Worst load shedding ever (even after ZESCO buying bigger turbines)

4). Mealie Meal shortages

5). Fuel shortages and high pump prices (despite it being at its cheapest globally)

6). Highest Poverty Levels in the WORLD

7). Highest debt ever

8). Self-confessed Visionless leader

9). Very violent cadres (killing Glazier and even stripping women naked)

10). The most wasteful government ever.

There could be more, but our count reaches 10 already and we can see how people are now regretting ever voting for PF, we can see the anguish of our Mothers as they turn back from the shops when they find no mealie meal.

These are problems that are affecting Zambians, not just UPND or FDD members, but ZAMBIANS! If there is a place where PF members are buying their Fuel cheaply and their Mealie meal, please tell us also so that we can eat something.


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