How minister Malanji stole widow’s property

– Minister Malanji is no better than former diplomat Cosmas Chileshe, whom he fired yesterday.

Details have emerged how Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Malanji took advantage of a rich widow, married her, abused her wealth then dumped her.

Malanji, the PF government top diplomat took undue advantage of Chifunilo Chembe Nkumbula’s wealth and later dumped her.

Details are that between 2012 and 2014, Malanji married Chifunilo Chembe  the Widow of late Baldwin Nkumbula. Baldwin Nkumbula was the minister of sports for one year under Fredrick Chiluba. He was the son of freedom fighter Harry Mwanga Nkumbula and a wealthy businessman having inherited emerald businesses from senior Nkumbula.

When Baldwin Nkumbula was assassinated in a road accident, his massive property in terms of precious  stones and cash in banks went to his wife since their three children were all minors.

Malanji ‘married’ the widow and started staying with her in one of the Nkumbula properties along Zambezi road in Riverside Kitwe.

At the time minister Malanji moved in with Nkumbula’s widow, he had just ditched his other wife.

While living with Chifunilo, Mr. Joseph Malanji coerced the widow and made her surrender the title deeds for her family properties.

The minister of foreign affairs then used these tittle deeds to obtain loans from commercial banks and bought other buildings in Kitwe, this time in his name.

He also used the widow’s money to renovate the same properties he acquired and turned them into hotels. At this time, minister Malanji whose education qualification is form 3 and a diploma in business management had no proper business or job.

One of the building he bought using the widow’s money is now called Royal Gibson Hotel, which is former Workers Compensation Fund building in Kitwe’s Industrial Area along the Kitwe/ Chingola road just near Toyota Zambia Kitwe branch.

He further renovated a house in Kitwe’s Riverside area near VML Shopping Mall and turned it into a lodge. The name of the Lodge is Continental Lodge.

After making all these moves, Malanji started defaulting in repaying his loans and abandoned Chifunilo. The banks foreclosed on (grabbed) Chifunilo’ property.

For his part, Minisyer Malanji divorced Chifunilo.

Malanji who is also Kwacha Member of Parliament now stays at the Continental Lodge whenever he visits his constituency.

Nkumbula’s Chifunilo even went into depression at one time our source and has not recovered even financially.

Malanji yesterday announced the recalling of Pastor Chileshe for conduct unbecoming of a Diplomat for abandoning his Wife and four children in favour of Veteran broadcaster Maureen Nkandu.

We will wait to see if Edgar Lungu will also recall Mr. Malanji who is not worth being called Honourable.


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    mmmm zoona thats why you are called watch dogs, ndeloleshfyeee!How do you manage to get details so fast.what you have put across is the plain truth.

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    all thieves and swindlers will never enter the kingdom of God.pls just pay back the money that woman is vulnarable.

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    keshar 1 week ago

    There is no smoke without fire.

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    Jealous people never win. Mulekani Malanji. Ni mwana wa nyoko.
    Concentrate on progressive things rather than publishing things you know nothing about. Shame on you.

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    samlindo 1 week ago

    He unbecoming previously now he has started becoming

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    Milimo 1 week ago

    This is the problem that we seems to have with you jealous people.
    To start with, the author of this article seems to lack a lot of background data about the minister but for those who really know Mr. Malanji would agree with me that Joe has always been a well to do business man.

    Continental Lodge mentioned in the article use to be Mr. Malanji’s home before he turned it into a lodge, and as part of his many businesses on the copperbelt, the minister usually does the routine check up on the business at the lodge BUT never sleeps there as his home is just less than a kilometer away from the lodge.

    Again just a bit of some background info about the Minister, as part of his long trail of businesses. Mr. Malanji owned a biggest if not the largest flit of buses in the middle 1990’s and the only man in the whole lot of copperbelt to have owned a S500 Mercedes Benz latest model at that particular year.

    The Royal Gibson hotel is just one of the properties he bought through his businesses.
    Coming to the issue of “MARRIED” unless you are crippled in your mind, and you want to believe everything you hear. Ms Chifunilo and Mr. Malanji were at no point married to each other, what existed between these two was merely friendship and at no point did Mr Malanji move into Ms Chifunilo’s house.

    In case you are wondering why the two didn’t get married, the answer is simple…
    But i will leave it to you to dig more and tender your letter of apology to the Minister.

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      Haajanika 1 week ago

      Hey don’t defend the indefensible

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      There’s no substance in your write up. You don’t seem to lay the given facts bare. Had been married or not, the question is did he indeed use her money to develop his businesses

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    intelligence 1 week ago

    let him pay back the money to the widow..