How M’membe asked Sata to save him from K14 b debt

How M’membe asked Sata to save him from K14 b debt

The cartel holding president Michael Sata hostage comprising Fred Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito and Wynter Kabimba two weeks ago sought audience with the president with a view for him to urgently find a quick solution to the K38 billion Development Bank of Zambia loan they owe the Zambian people.

That was before Sata fail sick.

Highly placed sources within the PF cabinet have disclosed that the pressure from the prominent Zambian citizens that recently signed a petition to have the loan repaid has unsettled the cartel are now pleading with President Sata to intervene.

The call for the president to intervene was hatched after all efforts to discredit the petition failed.

“What happened is that when the petition signed by prominent citizens to have Mmembe and Nchito pay back the loan was submitted to the Ministry of Finance, The National Assembly Speaker, and other entities the cartel panicked and started calling some of the petitioners individually to disown their signatures and petition in the Post newspaper. But all those that were called refused to disown or discredit the petition, thereby making Mmembe and Nchito seeking presidential intervention,” sources have disclosed.

The sources said as a result president Sata was ordered by the cartel to urgently meet the Supreme Court Bench of Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda on the quick way forward.

“But at the meeting, Chibesakunda said she had not yet studied the matter as it was still a subject of the Lovemore Chikopa tribunal. It was at that meeting that it was agreed that she quickly calls the matter before the Supreme Court bench and send it back for retrial to the High Court, as per ruling that was delivered on Wednesday this week. That Supreme Court hearing was called at short notice so as to create some breathing space for Mmembe and Nchito from the members of the general public that have calling for the repayment of the DBZ loan,” sources said.

But sources wondered what Chikopa was now doing in the country since by sending the matter for retrial at High Court, it has technically nullified Judge Nigel Mutuna’s ruling that the loan be repaid.

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