‘How Much should we carry for bribing border officials in Zambia?’

Dear Mesdames/Sirs,

We have finalised our holiday to Africa between 07 September 2012 and 23 September 2012. We will be arriving at the Johannesburg International Airport on the 08 Sept and will be hiring a vehicle to travel to Livingston via Botswana.

That means that we will be crossing the border with a hired 1600 cc vehicle at Kazungula. We have been trying to find out what are ALL the fees that are required to be paid when entering Zambia with a hired vehicle but sadly, not even the Embassy in London seems to know or even
reply to our messages.

Furthermore, We now note that there are changes to the regulations pertaining to foreign currency exchange in Zambia with effect of June 2012. What does this mean to visitors to your country?

PLEASE could you inform us all the fees (persons and vehicle) that are required to be paid on our entry and departure to and from Zambia, which
should include the Ferry at Kazangula and in which currency it should be paid. We will be two males, (family) on holiday and working to a strict budget.

We find the Zambian information sites VERY confusing and have been warned that we should be ready to ‘bribe’ border officials to enter Zambia….. IS THIS TRUE?

We trust you are able to assist and await your reply.

Kind Regards,

Pierre de Bruyn

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