How Mwanajiti was filmed while sleeping with his secretary


Former Inter African Network for Human Rights and Development ( Afronet ) executive director Ngande Mwanajiti’s immoral behaviour was exposed when he was recorded live sleeping with his personal assistant in a Hotel in Zimbabwe.
Mwanajiti, currently sick due to sleeping around, who was in the habit of bedding his workers at the human rights organisation was filmed by State agents who were trailing him over his alleged misconduct.
“What happened was that Mwanajiti was in a habit of sleeping with female employees at Afronet and his wife Pricilla had a tough time fighting them. So some of the employees leaked the information to the State who organised then and filed Mwanajiti making love to a named employee (we have withheld the name because she is married now) in a hotel in Zimbabwe.
“Mwanajiti was using donor money to fly his personal assistant to Zimbabwe just to go and make love to her,” a former employee at Afronet has revealed.
A copy of the video was sent to Mwanajiti and the state has a copy of the video which the Watchdog can not publish here for moral reasons.
But let Mwanajiti dare and see what happened next.

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