How Nkandu Luo antagonised Catholic Church

How Nkandu Luo antagonised Catholic Church

By Chris Phiri ( 17 June 2020)

Catholic members of parliament have said Catholic bishops should have consulted them before issuing a statement to call for the withdrawal of the Constitution Amendment Bill No.10 of 2019.

Zambia Association of Catholic Parliamentarians chairperson Prof Nkandu Luo said at a media briefing that the Catholic Bishops must give correct information on Bill 10 and provide the necessary leadership in the process instead of calling for withdrawal of the Bill from the House.

She said the misunderstanding over Bill 10 is because people do not read.

Prof Luo said many Zambians were basing their comments on Bill 10 on other people’s perspectives.

And Vice Chairperson of the Catholic Parliamentarians Association Given Lubinda, who is also Justice Minister, insisted that no law has been broken through the gazettion of the amendments to Bill 10.

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