How PF cadres are cheating UPND government

How PF cadres are cheating UPND government

Listen very carefully to what the gentleman is saying in the video . His name is Cade Chokobo. He is a senior director in the ministry of youths.
This was a few months ago when he launched a fake project to empower youths but the main aim was for PF to loot national resources.


Now see below :

Cade Chikobo is Director- Youths, in the Ministry of Youths and Sports. He is a known PF cadre and married to Mumbi Phiri’s daughter and a lap dog for former Minister Emmanuel Mulenga.

He is seen on the video handing over the controversial Oil tankers to the so called Youths who are all PF cadres. He also owns some of these tankers.

But In this photo, he is accompanying the New Dawn Sports and Youths Minister Mr Elvis Nkandu to call on the owners of the Oil Tankers to come out and claim them or else the Tankers will be forfeited to the State.

Can you imagine that ?

How can the Minister appeal to the owners to claim the Tankers when the person who handed over the tankers and the partial owner of the Oil Tankers was touring and inspecting the Oil Tankers with him?!! That’s why the PF members like Lubinda and Lusambo are mocking the new government because they have PF cadres planted in all top government positions.

They can cheat the tortoise government but will never escape the Watchdog watchful eye.

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    SLEEPYJOE 2 weeks ago

    For me the author of this article is just another fool

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    SAMANJOLO. 2 weeks ago

    A tortoise government indeed,I wonder what HH is up to.It seems the man has got an agenda HH is trying by all means to shield these criminals from being jailed.Despite all the criminality that happened in the past,gassing,police brutality,miracle 48 houses,fire tenders,theft,the FIC report,the auditor generals report to mention but a few and to exacerbate the situation PF cadres are still occupying top government positions.we are still seeing the same con-court judges,the same faces at DEC, the same faces at pro corruption commission.I concur with the watchdog that that’s why pf members like Given Lubinda and Bowman lusambo are mocking them.You see perception is cant claim to fight criminality and corruption and yet you are doing the exact opposite.we did not vote for UPFND, we voted for UPND.Dont take us for grantd.Do the right thing, tell the public the master minders of gassing,dont just be good at talking with nothing to show.