How PF lost it

How PF lost it

Part 2: HOW PF GAVE UP ITS MANDATE TO GOVERN ZAMBIA- Embracing the what your master regarded distasteful(The People you walk with)

The earliest negative tell-tale signs of the PF Government under ECL was by Its affinity to embrace ‘elements’ that were deemed not worthy of the cause and subsequently fired if given an opportunity to work with MCS,or simply ignored.

Few Hours after the breaking of news on the demise of Michael Sata,Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba strayed into State House typing pool area although it’s rumored he had access to George Chellahs office to have a statement typed for ECL.It still remains a mystery as to who cleared him into state House and who exactly he was typing that statement for- Could it have been for Guy Scott? Or Roland Msiska ? Or Mulenga Sata.Once you figure out,you will know whether Emmanuel Mwamba is hero or opportunist.This however a story for a different day.

His is the very Emmanuel Mwamba that was retired (PS Cabinet Office)in national interest by Michael Sata in October of 2013.Prior to his sacking,Amb Mwamba held the position of PS Information where he was hastily removed by MCS.MCS in his usual uncouth fashion wished him well and even offered him his old job of correspondent back as if to mock him.

Another interesting individual was Kaizer Zulu now special Assistant for Politics started out as Deputy PS Lusaka Province.With time,the maestro MCS deemed his right hand man was ripe for a position at State House.Rightfully so,KZ as is affectionately known had won the hearts of the PF membership and otherwise at Provincial administrative office.In January of 2014,KZ was fired from state House.Internal Politics and a few blunders that the disciplinarian MCS would not condone.

As it stands now,KZ has had his full share of mischief with NO reprimand from ECL.Assault,Unlawful firing of a weapon,unsavory altercations with private and public individuals,unaccounted wealth etc.

The last of these elements ECL embraced was Emmanuel Chilubanama.He had not held political office previously and was a losing parliamentary candidate for Lunte in the immediate past Elections.MCS thought of him as being a joker and not serious and would refer to him as ” bapuba” like he had to Hon. Yamfwa Mukanga.Known for his great sense of style,generosity and demonic episodes.Chilubanama failed to find a balance Politics and stately function.His office unlike the more experienced KZ was the Centre of party gossip,character assassination,smear campaigns and witch-hunt especially amongst the Youths.

Well balanced state operators would say Chilubanama was on “self-destruct mode” and the very dispensable element.He was simply the pawn waiting to be sacrificed to show some level of discipline.

It would take days singling out individuals but I wouldn’t want to bore you but to just mention a few- Father Frank Bwalya( ABZ President)Lucky Mulusa, Dora Siliya, Sunday Chanda (open Source Foundation),Die hard Bowman Lusambo ( Anti Subsidy).

This unfortunate scenario begs the question.Does ECL expect loyalty from his followers? The likes of Brian Hapunda,Rachel chileshe,Ben Siwila, Gilbert Banda, Lazarus Chitala,Ba Kamina, Ba Sata , Mulenga Kasama,Kay Musonda, Bulum Mwila, Sam Zulu, Augustine Mukuka, Chipili,KBF,Mwamba Peni,Chanda Chashi etc etc willing to walk with him in 2021?

Brace for Impact!!!

Clearly, ECL broke the very fundamental rule that governs loyalty.

“Never embrace what your master has rejected”

This also extends to certain policy announcement.Everything Pro-Sata and Pro -Socialist was thrown out.

Loyalty…Loyalty…Loyalty.!!!Its a two way thing. Loyalty from the leader to the followers and Loyalty from the followers to the leader.

In conclusion,this is the fate of those that accept what the leader has REJECTED.

Leprosy- No impact, No legacy ,No importation No glory.The story of Gehazi in 2 Kings 5.


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