How PF ministers answer questions

How PF ministers answer questions

MP: Mr Speaker Sir, I would like to find out when Govt is building Chiefs Palaces as indicated in the 2017 National Budget.

MINISTER: Mr Speaker Sir, the hard working PF Govt, under the able leadership of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, is delivering development. Mr Speaker Sir, President Lungu was chosen by God. Mr Speaker Sir, some opposition leaders want to go to state house through the back door. Zambia is in very good hands. Mr Speaker we also appreciate the support and love the Chiefs have continued to show to his excellency, President Lungu. This government, Mr Speaker, value and respect our chiefs. We are not like these tribal and bitter opposition parties that will never rule Zambia. This working Government will continue to support the Chiefs. I thank you, Mr Speaker.

MP : Mr Speaker, the Hon Minister has not answered my question.

SPEAKER: Hounerable Minister, please answer the question.

MINISTER: Mr. Speaker Sir, as Minister responsible for Chiefs, I can tell you for frre that his excellency, President Lungu, was chosen by God. It’s a miracle if we think about his ascendancy to power. He is a God fearing man, very humble and loves his God. Mr Speaker, this working Government loves our traditional leaders and we are working around the clock to bring development to all the areas of this country. Our traditional leaders will never lack anything as long as President Lungu remains the President.

POINT OF ORDER: Mr Speaker Sir, I rarely raise on point of orders, is this Minister in order, not answering the question. When will Govt build palaces for Chiefs?

SPEAKER : Hon Minister Can you please answer the question.

MINISTER: Thank you, Mr Speaker, the PF Govt is a working govt. We are delivering our promises. Mr. Speaker the opposition can’t see these developments because they are bitter and want to politicking all the time. Mr Speaker Sir, we don’t have opposition in this country, the people of Zambia have rejected them. The people of Zambia are happy with our God given President, the humble leader of this great country.

SPEAKER : Hon. Minister, please answer the question.

MINISTER: Thank you Mr Speaker, all I am saying is that government has started the procurement processes, as soon as funds are made available, we will start constructing Chiefs’ palaces in all the chiefdoms. This is unprecedented development. Mr Speaker, we will not be derailed by the bitter opposition . ….

MP: Mr Speaker, my question is WHEN?

MINISTER: Mr Speaker, I said when funds are made available. Mr Speaker, Govt, under the leadership of the hardworking President Lungu, have a very good relationship with our Chiefs. The President does not sleep, he doesn’t even eat, Mr speaker, just to make sure that our Chiefs are comfortable and have everything they need to serve our people. That is why all our traditional leaders love him very much, except a few who spend their time sleeping at the grave sites. Zambia is a Christian nation. Light and darkness does not mix. Mr Speaker, with these very few words, I thank you.

SPEAKER: Next question on the order paper!

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