How PF think they will win elections

Despite overwhelming evidence that former PF strongholds under Michael Sata have been severely penetrated by UPND, Edgar Lungu’s advisors have continued cheating him that he will get all the votes that Sata obtained in 2011. According to them, the endorsements HH has received from many public figures and MMD MPs campaigning on the ground amount to nothing.

The Watchdog’s view is that the PF knows the current reality as opposed to 2011 when PF had a strong candidate. These figures are clearly designed to prepare the minds of people for their intention to rig elections. The PF is prepared to rig these elections and then ask the real winner to go and argue in court which they know will be a waste of time, especially that the Supreme Court which hears such matters is under a señor PF cadre Lombe Chibesakunda. If the opposition know what is best for them, the issue of going to court when the election is stolen should not even cross their mind. It would be foolish of them to allow PF to rig the elections then go to a PF institution to plead for mercy. Just recently, we learned and the whole country saw from Miles Sampa that such political battles are not fought in courts controlled by the enemy but on the street.

Below are the statistics and ‘explanations’ being circulated by Emmanuel Mwamba and Harry Kalaba.

The PF has a very strong base of support in Copperbelt (845,439), Luapula (408,791), Lusaka (796,687), Muchinga (269,139), Northern (434,478), and now Eastern (600,098). These provinces have a total of 3,354,632.00 voters. The UPND’s support base is in three provinces namely, Northwestern (315,588), Southern (617,461) and Western (394,617). This has a total of 1,327,666.00 registered voters. Central Province which is a wild card has 483,790 registered voters. If you subtract the numbers between PF and UPND strongholds, the PF strongholds have 2,026,966.00 more registered voters than UPND strongholds. Even if you generously give UPND Central Province, they still fall short by 1,543,176.00 registered voters. These figures simply suggest that UPND will need some monumental and very dramatic efforts to reverse the PF advantage on 20th January, 2015 elections.
Its important to note that in 2011, only 6% votes seperated late President Sata from the former President Banda. So if PF lost these 6% (183,100) votes to UPND, PF would still win confortably.
The PF has infact trippled its voters by including a huge chunck of MMD voters through the support from President Banda. This has also been noticed through the by elections held in the recent past.
Sorry for HH! To move from 18% to 40% is not possible, not in Zambia. Sata moved from 35% to 42%, which was a 7% rise, that is realistic.
This was achieved by a man with serious track record of having been in government and known as a man of action.
It is not possible for HH to increase the votes by 25% even with the fake endorsements he has had in the past one month. Not all endorsements can be meaningful in an election.

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