How Shakafuswa killed workmate to get his wife

How Shakafuswa killed workmate to get his wife



We hinted earlier that PF’s Jonas Shakafuswa is a murderer and an immoral human being. It was not an exaggeration.

Shakafuswa shot and killed police reservist Jimmy Nyoni all because he wanted to start sleeping with his colleague’s wife.

Both Jonas Shakafuswa and Nyoni were working as police reservists in the flying squad unit of the Zambia police. On the fateful day, Shakafuswa, Nyoni and two other reserve police officers were on a routine motorized patrol. From nowhere, Shakafuswa put his AK 47 automatic weapon on ‘rapid’ and pumped a hail of bullets into Nyoni who was occupying the driver’s seat, killing him instantly, according to police notes seen by the Watchdog.

Dennis Mulenga (now Dr Mulenga) the other officer occupying the front passenger seat was hit but survived the attack. Another reservist, a female white reservist Nelly Stoyanova was not affected as she was seated in the back seat with the killer.

‘Strangely no enquiry was made and the young banker/reserve officer was buried with a lot of unanswered questions to this day.

But just after the burial of his victim, Shakafuswa who is believed to have bribed senior police officers to drop the case, started making sexual advances towards Nyoni’s wife. She spat in his killer face.

A person close to the murdering of Jimmy Nyoni told the Watchdog that ‘this is an indisputable fact that Jonas himself even agreed to, though he claimed that he shot his fellow police reservist accidentally’.

‘Jonas-Judas killed a bread winner of a family, leaving the children of the deceased without a father and anybody to take care of them, and when Jimmy’s family brought the issue up, Jonas was quick to silence them with more threats.

‘How come Oscar Pistorius has been jailed though he claims it was accidental when he shot his girlfriend and how is it that Jonas is a free man?? Which court proved that it was accidental?? How is Jonas taking care of the widow and the Children since he admitted that he killed their father accidentally?? The source asked.

‘There was no inquest done even to this day because Jonas bought his way out with bribes. To make matters worse, Jonas had the courage to ask Jimmy’s widow out as a girlfriend but she vehemently refused and spat in his face! She is a very beautiful woman and it is suspected that he [Jonas] killed his friend with hopes of getting his widow,’ another source said.

Next we shall tell you how Shakafuswa created a vehicle stealing syndicate he called “safe corridor” which involved stealing cars from one neighbouring country through Zambia to another neighbouring country.

We shall also tell you how Shakafuswa murdered a Barclays Bank employee in late 90s or early 2000s.
So when Shakafuswa says he has killed before, he means it.

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