How the cartel managed to evade paying airport taxes

Information has finally emerged on how defunct Zambian Airways Directors namely Mutembo Nchito, Nchima Nchito and Fred Mmembe managed to evade paying airport fees to the National Airports Corporation Limited and why Dora Siliya is appearing in court today.
Zambian Watchdog investigations have revealed that the directors of Zambian Airways first influenced the appointment of their own into NACL management and this how they did it.
What the directors first did was to influence late President Levy Mwanawasa to appoint Mrs Monde Wood as NACL Board Chairperson. Why Monde Wood? Monde Wood the wife to Dennis Wood is a first cousin to Fred Mmembe. Dennis Wood is the elder brother to Judge Albert Wood the judge at the center of the Judge Chikopa tribunal.
The directors of Zambian Airways then influenced the board to appoint Robinson Misitala as Managing Director of National Airports Corporation Limited (NACL) when the front runner was Fred Banda who was then Director of Finance and now Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants President. Why Misitala? Misitala is married to Monde and Dennis Woods daughter. Meaning there was a very direct relationship between the board chairperson and the managing director. All this happened after the departure of Chileshe Kapwepwe as Managing Director. The Zambian Airways directors actually influenced the non renewal of Kapwepwe’s contract. That is more reason why Rupiah Banda appointed Chileshe Kapwepwe as Finance Deputy Minister.
After influencing the management of NACL, the directors of Zambian Airways then tried to create another group of the Northwesterners to influence the supply of airport radar.
This group was to comprise Misitala himself, former Communication and Transport Permanent Secretary Dr. Eusten Mambwe and former Secretary to the Cabinet Dr. Joshua Kanganja.However Dr. Kanganja quickly saw through the scheme and pulled out. so it remained Misitala and Mambwe.
Dora Siliya as then Minister of Transport and Communication saw through the scheme, she refused to grant Zambian Airways special incentives and accepted instead a free offer to repair the radar from original manufactures. That is why Dora Siliya is in court today. Zambian Airways in liquidation still owes NACL more than US 2.7 million in unpaid fees. Misitala is still the boss at NACL. For those who say Mwanawasa was an angel, start thinking twice.

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