How the Mmembe cartel framed GBM and team over coup on Sata

The cartel that has been holding president Michael Sata hostage through blackmail with a view to take over power, early this year concocted and framed false allegations against their Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM), Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda and others by accusing them of wanting to overthrow president Michael Sata by force.

Highly placed sources within the PF and government security wings said Fred Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito and Wynter Kabimba  framed some correspondence addressed to president Sata that the GBM team were planning a military coup against his regime.

“What happened is that the Mmembe group was so desperate that they wrote a letter to the president claiming GBM, Mr. Chikwanda, and others wanted to overthrow him. When the president got the correspondent, he gave it to his security team for investigation and verification. Later the security investigations revealed that it was a hoax meant to dent the image of other people with the hope that Mr. Sata was going to arrest and charge the GBM team with treasonable offences,” sources revealed.

Watchdog investigation revealed that when Mr. Sata was going for the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, he handed over the same letter to GBM at the airport to read it.

“It was so dramatic because when GBM was greeting and saying bye to GBM at the airport, he handed over the letter and said ‘iwe coup plotter read this while I am away. Of course GBM did not read it just there at the airport. But when he finally ready the document in his office, he panicked and convened a meeting with all those accused and wondered why and how people could go to that length to implicate him into a coup plot. Of course to the surprise of the Mmembe group, Mr. Sata still left the instruments of power in the hands of the alleged coup plotter, Alexander Chikwanda,” sources disclosed.

Sources said the divisions in PF are very deep and sometimes getting to dangerous levels because Mr. Sata wont stand in 2016, and the days are fast ticking.

“Each of these groups is ready to die and even kill for the presidency in 2016. Of course the Kabimba group has now been joined by vice-president Guy Scott and fully supported by a newspaper and they have the financial muscle from the prominent businessman,” sources disclosed.

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