How thieves are rebranding and doing business with UPND

In case you missed this on how thieves are rebranding themselves and doing business with new dawn government ????????

***By the way, on cheap Fertlilser, why can’t we fund and modernize Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia like we used to pronounce on roof tops when we were in opposition? Have we now tasted the sweets that middlemen cone with ?????????

NEWS DIGGERS’ OPINION: The story behind United Capital Fertlizer Company and State House negligence for due diligence

By Diggers Editor

THIS week, Acting President Mutale Nalumango officiated at the ground-breaking ceremony for a new manufacturing company calling itself “United Capital Fertilizer Zambia Limited” which they say will reduce the price of fertiliser by at least 50 percent once operational.

Speaking during the event, Madam Nalumango who was representing the Republican President, expressed excitement that the unprecedented price-margin projections given by the company would lessen the cost of agriculture for the local farmers. She added that her government was fully committed to supporting the great investment project by Wonderful Group of Companies in a bid to increase the number of local products under the “Proudly Zambian” campaign.

Speaking at the same event, United Capital Fertilizer Company Limited Board Member Roy Mwamba said the plant would create 1500 direct jobs. He said the plant was set to produce 200,000 metric tons of fertiliser per year.

As the Vice-President and the fertilizer company’s representative mentioned, Zambian farmers need access to affordable agriculture inputs and our youths need jobs. We welcome this development, and we look forward to seeing the benefits of the investment to the economy. But while we congratulate the investors on this $300 million investment, we would like to know who they are.

Why should we be interested to know who the investors are? Well, in Zambia, there are two businesses which are not for any ordinary entrepreneur. This is a fact! Fertiliser and oil supply is not for anyone who can borrow money from a bank. For many years, the manufacturing, importation and supply of these commodities has been a preserve of the big guys, those who have a level of access or control on State House. To bid and win a contract to supply fertiliser or oil in Zambia, you must know (in a special way) some key individuals in the line ministries if not State House itself.

Secondly, it’s not any company that can be registered today and call the Republican President to come and launch it tomorrow. You must have a certain level of connections with the powers that be, or your investment must be so staggeringly huge that it cannot be ignored by the presidency. We are not sure which of the two is the case for the new fertiliser company in town. What we are sure of is that the name “Wonderful Group of Companies” rings a very loud bell.

Who are the owners of United Capital Fertilizer Zambia Limited? According to records at PACRA, this company was registered on 23rd August 2021 with the directors namely:

Chinese national Yaochi Huang national registration 583275/99/3, who is Director.
Chinese national Jingwen Zhao of identity number EC1014905, also a Director.
Zambian national Ling Ling Zhang of identity number 581319/99/3 serving as Director.
Zambian National Sodala Evans of NRC number 594753/11/1, serving as company Secretary.

Records show that Boffar Machinery Equipment Zambia Limited and Wonderful Group of Companies are the entities listed as shareholders.

So, who owns Boffar Machinery Equipment? According to PACRA the company was registered on August 6, 2013 and the directors are:

Emmanuel Mwamba of NRC number 273614/67/1, serving as secretary and director, Zhang Ling Ling of identity number E21236686 who is Director and Shareholder, Zhao Jing Wen of Identity number – E20450110 who is Director as well as Shareholder and Yaochi Huang of registration number – 583275/99/3 listed as Director and Shareholder.

Who are the owners of Wonderful Group of Companies? According to PACRA the company was registered on May 18, 2015 and the directors are: Huang Yaochi of ID number EA4054403, listed as Director and shareholder, Zhang Ling Ling of ID number E20450110 registered as Director and shareholder, Roy Chisanga Mwamba of NRC number 297845/61/1, as Director and Evans Sodala as Secretary.

Our readers will observe that the three entities are basically owned by the same people but some share the same national identity numbers. In some cases, an investor like Mr Zhang Lingi Ling has three different national identity numbers listed on different companies as 581319/99/3, E21236686 and E20450110.

Our readers who have a good memory will remember that the Chinese nationals behind the fertiliser company and also listed above, are the same owners of the scandalous Marcopolo Tiles company which was involved in corruption during the sale of shares to the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). Mr Huang Yaochi can also be remembered as the investor who said Zambians are not ambitious and are content with little things. Prior to elections, he is the man who stold France 24 News that he would prefer Mr Edgar Lungu to win elections so that his business does not get disturbed.

Our keen followers will further recall that when we exposed the fact that these Chinese nationals offered bribes to some officials at the IDC on that sale and purchase transaction of Marcopolo shares, they threatened to sue News Diggers. On several occasions we challenged them to proceed to sue us if they believed that they were innocent, but they have not done so to this day.

Zambians will be interested to know that at the time when the Chinese nationals were selling Marcopolo shares, there used to be a man at IDC called Roy Chisanga Mwamba who was holding the position of Director for Investments and Business Development. This man was a signatory on the purchase transaction. Our records show that this is the same man who has opened a fertiliser company with the Chinese owners of Marcopolo.

The story behind Mr Emmanuel Mwamba and how he becomes part of this cartel is a story for another day. But today, we would like to ask the other Mwamba (Roy) to explain if he never received any form of gratification, kickback or bribe from the Chinese owners of Marcopolo Tiles. Can he say that he had no other motivation other than purely business and that he did not in any way abuse his position at IDC in order to serve personal interests in that transaction?

If our newspaper can have this information, we believe that the investigative wings have more. We are just wondering if the Vice-President (acting as President) and State House spent a bit of time to do this basic due diligence that we have done on the companies and individuals behind the company that has launched itself as the manufacturer of fertiliser.

We find it very interesting that a company that was registered 72 days ago, owned by the same people who have been involved in corruption before, can lay a red carpet for the Vice-President or rather Acting President of the NEW DAWN government that has pledged zero tolerance on corruption, to walk on. Is it possible that the Vice-President did not know about these facts above or she knew and saw nothing sinister about it?

Why should the Zambian people believe that this company will genuinely win fertiliser supply contracts and tenders without offering any government official a bribe? Like we have said before, on corruption, this government is window-dressing. It’s either they have a poor strategy for fighting graft or they don’t detest it at all.THIS week, Acting President Mutale Nalumango officiated at the ground-breaking ceremony for a new manufacturing company calling itself “United Capital Fertilizer Zambia Limited” which they say will reduce the price of fertiliser by at least 50 percent once operational.

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