How to deal with PF

… After PF mobilisation rallies on the Copperbelt. Youths and women have resolved to be getting all things PF entice them with but they won’t vote for them.

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    And when they vote, you claim it is vote rigging. Think foolish people. People are buying votes and you celebrate that no one will vote pf. Muzamuziba yesu

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    Rodah Mbewe 3 weeks ago

    niba Mwankole ba pf. ma failures. People go to their rallies and vote for Bally

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    2021 Zambian civil war 3 weeks ago

    There you go and yet pronouncements from ECL, Inonge & Lusambo is that they hv won 2021!!! Mwebantu the results from the 2 Bi elections as rightly on served by President Nevers was a test run for the shock awaiting Zambia next year & confirms procurement of military equipment for the police!!! They trust their rigging scheme are preparing for civil war which is eminent August 2021!!!

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      MWANKS2021 3 weeks ago

      Which Civil War naimwe… Zambians are generally peaceful COWARDS. PF will have its way again in 2021 and no one will do anything about it.