‘How I plan to to get a job in 2016’

Ine this time I will just apply with my original Certificates so that I get a call. I don’t mind been called just to come & collect my Certificates as long as the call is coming from an Employer.

When collecting my Certificates I will cry like a little baby in front of Employers so that they feel for me & employ me. Thats how I plan to get a Job in 2016. There is too much Nepotism & Corruption in Zambia. As things stand in Zambia, connections cary more weight than qualifications.

You will not receive a call from employers even if you have good results unless you know someone in the company. I have 11 points & a degree in Accountancy from CBU but I don’t receive a call from any of the companies i apply in. Jobs of nowadays are always about, my father works there as… My mum is the HR there so… my aunt is the manager there and… My uncle owns that company… my boyfriend works there as… I slept with the Manager for operations in his Hilux(Icipaso) to… The chief Accountant for Zanaco is mum’s boyfriend so… the Army commander is my uncle so i didn’t even go for interviews or medicals to… I just received a call from my aunt who works for Zambia police that bring your papers right now and… My grandfather is a Director at dangote so me & all my cousins were… Pa-zed kuwayawayafye muntu wandi. Without connections Certificate kubola bwino bwino.

G Chibesa

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