How to navigate the minefield of online betting

Choosing some place to wager your hard-earned cash in the hopes of winning some more used to be simple. You would simply search your nearest casino or betting shop was, and that was the place you put down your wagers. Because of vicinity and logistics, you typically just had one or possibly two choices – determined by where you called home.

This all changed when we entered the age of the internet – with its mind-boggling innovations and incredible technological capacities. The world wide web completely did away with any restrictions or restraints previously imposed by proximity, location or any other limitations we previously all believed were part and parcel of life on planet earth!

Your actual location is no longer a limitation for your betting skills. The NY Times even suggests that the online betting can change the way we watch games and event transform the sports rules.

Regardless of where on the planet you were, in the event that you had an internet connection and a computer or smartphone, the entire world of sports was open to you at the click of a button.

As wonderful as it is to have multiple options available to us it can be totally overwhelming to make an informed choice about where to spend your money – especially for those of you that shop lines (which any games bettor worth their weight will encourage you to do). Indeed it becomes an overpowering challenge to decide on several different betting homes.

The best place to seek help is, of course, the very same world wide web. Reputable platforms such as the site Nostrabet, for example, offer an extremely long list of bookmakers who welcome customers from all over the world. You can browse through a multitude of reviews of different betting sites.

However, it’s vital for you to choose your resources wisely. The universe of online sportsbook audits is a wreck. With about 99% of audit locales, you will encounter two major obstacles.  Almost all of the larger sites are paid by those they are checking on so as to get a positive survey. Consequently, the reviews will be disgustingly positive – with pretty much zero negatives.

The second problem you are likely to encounter is that review sites are so vague and generalised that the information they provide is close to useless – and will be no help to you at all. In fact you’ll wonder if they ever visited the sites they are proclaiming to write about.

So you really need to find a review site that gives you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This seems an impossible goal, but there are a few.  What you need is a site that never allows the betting site to pay for a favourable review, or to offer any inducements at all in exchange for a good report.

Secondly, you are well advised to look for a review site that routinely points out the negative aspects of a betting site – as well as suggesting improvements. You do not need a glass-half-full approach where your money is at stake. What you want are facts – clear and simple. Therefore a review site that points out the shortcomings of a betting site and makes sensible suggestions for improvement is obviously one that you can trust has done its homework and is worth listening to.


Trustworthiness is the one issue that you need to value above all others. It is the key to a positive online betting experience. If you find that a particular site feels sketchy or has unresolved issues that have been highlighted in a review you need to run a mile in the opposite direction. The web-based gaming industry has had a couple of rotten ones in the past – and you need to make sure that you don’t fall victim to this in the future.

One last thing that you need to look for carefully is what is known as user-interface. Basically this is how user-friendly is the site? Are you able to navigate it easily? Do you understand what it is saying, or is there just too much jargon? Are the things you’re searching for simple to discover? Does it take a million ticks to get to the destinations you need to be at? How long does it take you to place your bet? Essentially, anything that goes into how simple the site is to use comes under the general heading of user-interface. Remember – you are the customer and the customer is king! If the site does not score highly for you in user-friendliness – just go and find another one!

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