How to revive this dead economy

How to revive this dead economy

Honestly here are my recommendations

*1) Retire the President and his cabinet as they have failed the economy through over borrowing and spending more govt funds on expenditure as opposed to production*

2) Retire all cadres and let technoctats to do there jobs in govt ministeries, Zesco, ZRA etc. Take the retired cadres to work in govt farms

*3) Lower the policy rate to allow SMEs and individuals access to low cost capital*

4) Detach the president from being involved on selection and appointing process of CJ, BoZ govenor, IG, DEC and ACC commisioners ! Then systems will automatically run professionally.

*5) Strengthen Revenue generating entities and improve accountability i.e. Council’s, NRC Passport, ZRA, NAPSA, Workecom, Ministry of Lands Mines, Agricultural etc*

6) Lower taxes on duty, Corporation, presumptive, PAYE etc to encourage and broaden tax compliance

*7) Gazzete strategic land closer to water bodies i.e.Lakes Mweru Bangweulu, Tanganyinka as govt irrigation blocks to cut on cost of making unecessry dams*

???? Immediately roll out a program for wheat, maize and rice with over 40% for export market and 60% local markets.

*9) Suspend road works. Review and revise road contracts that are inflated. Shake up RDA management*

10) Collect monies and resale (property) proceeds of crime with expeditious legal process to that should be concluded in 60days. Evidence is
readily available at FIC and AG offices.

*11) Renegotiate mining contracts were possible increase shareholding interest to atleast 51%. Possibly reintroduce windfall taxes. Introduce bi-annual audits in Mining firms to prevent under declaring of tax.*

12) With irrigation farming blocks recruit the unemployed /youths/cadres on the streets to become labourers with a decent wage thus creating employment!

*13) Once produce (maize rice wheat) is ready for sale recruite transporters to DRC Zimbabwe Malawi Angola etc creating additional jobs*

14) Flood the local market to force local market prices of bread and mealie meal and rice to drop due to increase supply from K150 to around K50.

*15) More jobs will be created in milling companies bakeries etc*

16) Review all shoddy road and bridge works and demand compensation from erring firms failure to which ask the courts to grant seizure of the bank accounts or property so that those roads are repaired by the ailing firm costs.

*17) Govt/BoZ with commercial banks create flexible farming loans to peasant farmers… Model worked in Zimbabwe in the 90s and still works in SA*

18) Cut off some middle men in oil purchases to reduce the pump price.

*19) Make Mukula tree a govt trophy that only allows govt to export thereby creating jobs but generate revenues exclusively for govt benefit*

21) increase govt shares in precious stone Mining especially Kagem.

*22) Immediately commence full scale gold mining. Have a 51% shareholding in any gold mine or have indigenous Zambian firms/owners have atleast 51% shareholding. Carefully regulate private mining business to offer more benefit to the state.*

23) Recover funds paid to PF MPs wen Parliament was suspended with interest at Bank of Zambia rates and penalties from the date ministers accrued the benefits. Assuming 100MPs x K500,000 x 1.35 x 5yrs… That’s lots of money!

*24) Revise upwards the Zesco rates with the mines an lower domestic rates*

25) Increase solar power energy.

26) Sale the jet and forefeit the 48houses if the owner can’t prove he didn’t use proceeds of crime

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