How To Win Big On Football Bets

Football is a fantastic sport to watch, and it entertains fans across Africa. It has also become a great way to enjoy some sports betting with the potential to bring in big winnings. Whether it is the Africa Cup of Nations or the European leagues, there are plenty of exciting markets to bet on, and opportunities to win.

Many choices mean a lot of decisions to make about the best bets to place, how to find value, and how much to stake. The challenge is to pick the right wagers and have a strategic approach. Some losses are unavoidable, but the focus here is on profits. This guide sets out the top tips on how to win big on football betting and build a winning betting strategy. 

How To Win Big On Football Accumulators

Although they aren’t the easiest football bets to win, footy accumulators are one of the most popular ways to bet today. This is because you can stand to win a lot of money from an accumulator with a relatively small stake.

Accumulators have high payouts because of the way the odds are combined. The single selection odds are multiplied to give you cumulative odds. If one of your selections has longer odds, it can have a big impact.

Soccer Accumulator Strategy

The beauty of accumulators is that you can mostly play it safe by betting on the favourites. 

You wouldn’t necessarily want to bet on these outcomes on their own as the payouts would be small, but here you get to play it safe and get a good payout.

For example:       Tottenham vs Arsenal     1.14

    Liverpool vs Man City     1.14

    Leicster vs West Ham     3.4

    Watford vs Bournemouth 1.8

    Brighton vs Wolves          1.6

    Everton vs Southampton  1.44

     Cumulative odds: 18.47

Another way to reduce the risk of accumulators is to use betting sites that offer a cashback offer for these types of bets. These promotions return your stake to you if you lose by just one leg.

Football Betting Techniques & Tips

If you want to know how to win big on football bets, then these techniques and tips could help you develop a winning approach:

  1. Try a football jackpot

Also known as a football pool. You pay in a small stake or sometimes enter for free just by being an active customer on the site. You need to correctly predict several match outcomes, usually 6 or 10, but it can go up to 15. Jackpots can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions.

  1. Find great odds 

The truth is that different online betting sites won’t all offer the same odds. You might need to shop around and find the best football odds or games with an odds boost. This has a big impact on your payout and will change your long term profits.  

  1. Football betting strategy

As much as you may want a team to win, that isn’t enough information for placing a bet. Look at track records, both team scoring percentages, home advantages, and the run-up to the game to guide your predictions. 

Football Betting Strategy

Whether you are coming up with premier league predictions or betting on the goals scored in the Champions League final, you’ll need a football betting strategy to ensure you have a winning approach.

Positive Expected Value

Betting on football means you should understand odds and probability. Each bet has an implied probability shown by the bookmaker’s odds. That can be used to look for expected value. 

board on black background texture

To do this, you’ll need to see what the bookmaker’s probability is, and compare it to your own information about how likely an event is. If you can find a bet where the sportsbook has predicted that an event is less likely that you do, based on your knowledge and information, then you have found a bet with positive expected value.

There is a calculation you can use to look at the expected value of a wager. Expected value = (probability of winning x potential winnings) – (probability of losing x stake). The point of expected value isn’t to calculate which wagers will win, but which deliver profits in the long run.

Live Betting Strategy

If your current approach only includes pre-match betting, then a live betting strategy could certainly add some value and diversity to your betting strategy.

With in-play betting, it is best to focus on just one game. This means you can do adequate research beforehand, keep track of the action while the game is happening, and react accordingly. 

It’s worth using sites with live streaming, stats, and odds charts so that you can see up to the minute information. You may also want a cashout feature to guarantee some profits or cut your losses.

Bookmakers Promotions: How To Win Money On Football Bets

When focusing on how to win money on football bets, you can use betting sites bonuses to your advantage. Free bets are particularly useful for a type of betting strategy known as matched betting. This is a strategy for those who want to make risk free wagers, but be aware that some bookmakers may restrict your account due to matched betting activity. 

It is similar to a strategy called arbitrage, where you can wager on the possible outcomes in a way to guarantee you get some profits. Bets are placed at different sportsbooks. For example, one on the first team to win, the second on a draw, and the third on the other team to win. 

Not every bet guarantees profits just by betting on each outcome, so you might need to use a bet calculator to be sure you have got the sums right. It makes sense to place the free bet on the selection with the highest odds, as you won’t get the stake back on the free bet.

Final Thoughts

Football is an incredibly popular sport to watch and to bet on. Many bettors lose money wagering on football because they think a bit of knowledge is enough. Find wagers with big payouts, such as accumulators and football jackpots. This doesn’t mean upping your stakes; it means choosing smarter bets.

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