How white settlers helped their informer Sata flee to UK after independence

How white settlers helped their informer Sata flee to UK after independence


1               Michael Sata working as constable and spy for colonialists

2               When our forefathers beat the colonialists in 1964, colonialists helped Sata escape to SA, then London when here worked as sweeper at train station

3               Years later, Alexander Chikwanda pleaded with KK to let Sata return in peace

4               Chikwanda linked Sata to politicians and he was later given job as Lusaka governor

5               The white settlers also gave Sata “City Advertisers “and an office at Farmer’s House so that he could sustain his life and his family.

6               PF was housed at same office since its birth

7               Settlers now see Sata as ungrateful as he is favouring the Chinesesata

Dear Editor

Kindly allow me to share a story that our country needs to know and indeed a prayer that each and every Zambian needs to pray to, in order to fight the evil that has landed in our great nation. I will try and recollect this story as it was told to me and if there is anyone who knows better, or I have left out important details, please feel free to make corrections via the editor so that we, ourselves and our children can prepare for a better future and avoid similar mistakes in future (2016). Never listen or trust populists, we made that mistake already.

Not so many people are aware of our past and that of the leaders who are today ruling this country. A story was shared to some of us by a Late white settler and great farmer who lived in Chisamba. I have extracts parts that only concerns a former constable who everyone thought was a savior to this nation.

The man who told us the history of Zambia, its tribes and white settlers was a farmer, businessman, pilot and agriculture consultant for Sir Lt. Gen. Seretse Khama’s government of Botswana. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

His family came from Ireland and they first settled in Livingstone. During those days he narrated that people would go to Broken Hill Man for cinemas. This was the only town in the then Northern Rhodesia where one could go and watch a movie. One day as they drove back from Broken Hill Man to Livingstone their car broke down in the area of Chisamba. This was the beginning of their settlement in that area. Later in years many other joined and the community of farmers grew. Amongst the white settlers were the Irwins, Burtons, Millers, Hartleys, Landless (Macgregors) to mention but a few.

The Irwins are farmers and run ZAMBEEF, the Millers are engineers and run real estate and where engineers for Cecil Rhode’s railway project they also run Lilayi Lodge, the Hartley’s are farmers, the Burton’s are in Mining, Engineering and Construction and the Macgregor’s are farmers (Landless Corner).

A story is told from the colonial days were one former police constable was in the habit of selling information of black political activities to the colonial masters and minority white rulers. This caused a lot of pain, frustration and discomfort for the freedom fighters. Upon attainment of independence the former constable who was now to face imprisonment was whisked out of this country to South Africa by the white settlers. Realizing that South Africa was not a safe place for the former constable because of the ANC and their links to UNIP, the white settlers assisted the former constable and whisked him to United Kingdom for safety. The Millers settled here as railway engineers who worked for Rhodes Railway project (Cecil Rhodes). There is a Bar and Restaurant at Farmer’s house called The Engineer’s and this is where the engineers who constructed the railway line used to meet and socialise. This was also a place where slaves (farm workers) were sold and bought. These slaves came from other countries such as Mozambique, Malawi. Some of these slaves are still alive and in the farms in Chisamba.

The Miller family had links into the British railway industry and thus it was then easy to get the former constable a job in the British railway line, and there he was a sweeper for the railway line.

After independence Mr. A.B. Chikwanda (ABC) who was a Minister of Finance, pleaded with the young focused President before becoming a dictator to have his nephew pardoned and be brought back to Zambia.

These negotiations were successful and the former constable was indeed brought back to his homeland. At the time ABC’s company (Apollo Engineering) had a contract for construction of the ZSIC Avondale houses.

ABC assisted the former constable in getting some works in the project and later pushed through political corridors and later the former constable became the governor of Lusaka.

This is where the former constable claims the project to have been his idea.

The white settlers too did not leave the former constable in the cold, they gave him a business “City Advertisers “and an office at Farmer’s House so that he could sustain his life and his family. This is where the HQ for PF had operated until they ascended to power.

Through out the political career of the former constable the white settlers risked their assets and reputation in assisting him as they thought they could trust him, with a view that he was useful during the white colonial rule. It is of my thought that anyone would think that he was a better angel to trust since he had worked for the colonial masters that he would now favour the western governments as opposed to the Chinese. In 2011 during the visitation of the Secretary of State of USA, a meeting was organized between the US official and the former constable whose details of discussion were just in a photo form.

When Mr. Oliver Irwin died, the former constable who was at the time Head of State was amongst the pall bearers at the funeral of Oliver Irwin. Wasn’t the former constable mourning his godfather?

It is now evident and sad to note that whosoever helped the former constable to climb up the ladder is today viewed as enemy. This includes the general population of Zambia who were tricked into believing his lies that he would look after the poor and deliver in a lot of milestones within 90 days in being into office and power.

The former constable referred to in the above story is now the Republican President of Zambia. His name is Micheal Chilufya Sata who migrated from Tanzania to Zambia.

The great farmer and white settler further said that Zambia is a place where people from various parts of surrounding countries came from and met here due to their weak nature and fear of war. Today we note that only foreigners have had the brave heart of ruling this country except for one, Levy Mwanawasa the rest had the following marks on their foreheads, Kaunda = Malawi, Chilubi – DRC and Banda = Malawi.

I hope that many other Zambians will begin the crusade of bringing to light the history of leaders and their betrayals to the entire country and help this great nation get back on track and become a middle income country by 2030 according to the vision of the New Deal Government under the leadership of Levy Patrick Mwanawasa (MSHRIP).

I wish to end this story with a prayer that every Zambian must pray to.

Cast Your Burden on the Lord

His speech was smoother than butter, But his heart was war; His words were softer than oil, Yet they were drawn swords.

Lord we cast our burdens upon the you and sustain us; You will never allow the righteous to be shaken. But You, O God, will bring them down to the pit of destruction; Men of bloodshed and deceit will not live out half their days. LORD bless the people of Zambia, In you we trust.

Name of author withheld

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