How Zambia’s envoy to Zim grabbed my land

Greeting Zambian watchdog
My name is Pezzy Kudakwashe, born and bred in Zambia. Born in Chililabombwe in 1968 and raised in Lusaka until I moved to the USA in 2001.
Thank you for giving me a chance to share my story .
I have been in the diaspora since 2001. I have lived here first as a visitor, secondly as a student and after that,I worked as a missionary with an Assembly of God church in the state of Maine called Crossroads Community Church(CCC)
After working with CCC for six years I was able to switch my status to permanent residence. I now live in Texas .
I remember, I was young when I came here at age 33. I carried all my dreams from Zambia to fulfill them here.
Here is my problem, over the last twelve years I worked so hard and undertook various jobs and projects, my desire was to raise money and be able to build something home for my children and those that will follow after.
I forsook some of my dreams so I could leave behind a legacy, one that will carry my name.
I managed to complete the purchase of a piece of land in Chamba Valley from late Hamweela Chitambala.
The land is known as subdivision C of Subdivision 24 of subdivision   E of farm  # 609 Chamba Valley Lusaka . Hamweela Chitambala had just inherited the land through the passing if his dad, late politician, Frank Chitambala.
Mr Chitambala was adviser to Kenneth Kaunda in the first republic .
The paperwork was formalized by the family administrator Mr  Peter Mukuka Chitambala who is also like an elder brother to me.
There was a pending squatter problem that was resolved through the courts and the verdict was in our favor together with the chitambalas.
The squatters refused to move out and continued to live on the land defying and ignoring every injunction and contempt presentations.
But recently, a team claiming to be PF party cadres, thieves,  invaded my land with impunity.The ring leader is ambassador Hamphrey Mwenya . They have vowed not to move out of the land. They have illegally built houses there and they claim nothing can happen to them because they are in power.
I personally communicated with Mr Mwenya who is deputy ambassador in Zimbabwe and explained to him that my land was not for sale, it is for my children. He promised to get back to me but never did. I called him three times and sent him emails too.
He has no legal papers or any document from anybody. His electricity and water bills are under my plot number. He is illegally living on my land and currently working with a lawyer to fight me off my land.
He is a thief, with intentions to reap where he never planted. He has forcibly taken part of my land that I sweated for years to make a payment.
This is not right. This is evil and this evil shall be stopped at all costs.
I know that these are not the goals and aspirations of the PF party and it’s leadership , at least from what they say .
Humphrey Mwenya who is supposedly representing our great nation Zambia in Zimbabwe, cannot be trusted. He has hired a lawyer to fight me over my land. I am paying in thousands of dollars to defend my own land. Is this what we voted for, is this the kind of leadership we worked so hard to put in power.
No, he is one of those that need to be kicked out and be trashed for ever.He needs first of all to be recalled, and be tried by the law for stealing my property. He needs to move away from my land with immediate effect and stop harassing my 73-year-old mother with these, ” we are in government and have the power”, gimmicks.
People of God and fellow Zambians, please help me fight these unruly thieves not just from stealing what belongs to me but from representing us in foreign nations.

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