How ZEIC jointly rigged elections for PF and Edgar Lungu

How ZEIC jointly rigged elections for PF and Edgar Lungu


What you need to know, how ZEIC jointly rigged elections for PF and Edgar Lungu.

Please take a few minutes to read, it’s not long article.


The Zambia Election Information Centre – ZEIC – is an Election Situation Room whose key feature is real time or rapid response to all election related issues.

It uses technology, and with it comes an array of social media tools which are easily accessible by the people via a web based platform.

The concept has been used in other countries; Angola, Botswana, DRC, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

In Zambia, ZEIC is made of the civil society organisations such as SACCORD, TIZ, ZNWLG, OYV, FODEP, JCTR, among others.

Thus far is the composition, and how it works out, the amalgamation of local Non-Governmental and civil society entities, but funding from regional entities, indeed make ZEIC constituent of both local and international organisations.

ZEIC was running a PVT, which was actually parallel to the PF PVT. Results PF was collecting were shared by ZEIC as a back up to the entire rigging scam.

To elucidate the point, firstly you need to appreciate the composition of ZEIC staff.
1. GLEN MPANI is a Zimbabwean who is managing the fund from the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) and HIVO. The funding to ZEIC takes a regional approach and so the PANOS Southern Africa in Zambia as partner media entity was selected as a conduit for funding.

2. GILLES KASONGO a PF staunch cadre is the Project Manager through Panos. He manages the project.

3. OSCAR TEMBO from the Copperbelt University Dag Hammarskjöld was co-opted to sit on the ZEIC data management. He is a friend of President Edgar Lungu, from the same school of alcohol.

4. JOHN KIPP was data manager from Kenya, a man well connected to the Kenyan 2007 disputed general elections. He is the founder of USHAHIDI (Ushahidi (Swahili for “testimony” or “witness”) is a website created in the aftermath of Kenya’s disputed 2007 presidential election (see 2007–2008 Kenyan crisis) that collected eyewitness reports of violence sent in by email and text-message and placed them on a Google map.)

5. SARAH SIBANDE – a Malawian, also a data entry officer under the same ZEIC, but MEIC in Malawi, was the lady managing entries at the PVT here in Lusaka at the Posh Radisson Blu where all Board Members of ZEIC were accommodated, just in the leeward side of the Mulungushi International Conference with the ECZ Saver and VPN (Virtue Private Network) with remote access code to the ECZ Saver at the Mulungushi International Conference where another Ugandan was arrested for “tampering with election results”. Don’t you see why Radisson Blu was chosen as venue for ZEIC’s PVT? It was the ease with which to run about and transfer or exchange data. In the event that data was disturbed at ECZ, there was a back-up with ZEIC at Radisson Blu, an evil amalgamation of PF and some NGOs and entities; some of them may have had no idea what Glen Mpani was up to.

Glen Mpani is as Zimbabwean (but claims he is a Mu Tswana) from the Robert Mugabe School of election engineering subtlety and an ally of Brown Kasaro the ECZ Deputy Director for Priscilla Isaacs, so you know Priscilla Isaac. Glen brought in a lot of Zimbabweans as assistants in the process, but all these had been trained by Brown Kasaro on how to manage the rigging process, and thus Radisson Blu was comflouged by Chi-Shona and Ndebele lingua franca.
Oscar Tembo, this was a room pain but working closely with the PF and ZAF to fly to Mbala to pick up pre-marked ballot papers. He then went to straight to the ZEIC Saver where accurate data was replaced with PF figures, and in doing all this, GILLES KASONGO the ZEIC Manager was the fronted as a civic society employee to hoodwink Zambians. Gilles was in charge of data entry, and supervised Sarah Sibande a Malawian equally involved helping Prof Peter Mutharika to win the presidency. Don’t you see why President Lungu is round about Malawian, Ugandan, Zimbabwean, and Kenyan presidents?
John KIPP was equally involved the Kenyan elections that turned out bloody due to massive rigging and is well positioned to steal the vote, albeit, Philanthropist and funder George Soros has no idea how his money meant for democracy and good governance is being shrewdly abused, not even the USA in that country (Zambia) may have an idea.


FODEP is headed by Mweenge Chimfwembe, the successor to McDonald Chipenzi. How Mweenge comes in is through Abdon Yezi the criminal, and PF cadre who hounded out Chipenzi through pressure to the FODEP executive board. Yezi has connections with funders of FODEP and thus put a condition that Chipenzi must go to pave the way for someone who would be user friendly in the process that eventually saw ZEIC born in Zambia. You will not be surprised therefore when FODEP declares the election free and fair. It is all about he who pays the piper calls the tune!

Goodwell Lungu is President Lungu’s blue eye boy and has been waiting for appointment into government since PF came into power in 2011, and has come a long way to the extent he has failed to condemn President Lungu’s bad governance record. Equally, TIZ was colluding with ECZ and ZEIC, to issue some of the exit polls and statements you may have seen during the four day waiting for presidential results. No need to talk about him in detail, you can add.

Fr Leonard Chiti is been fronted as a clergy to give a holy appearance to ZEIC but Is equally a sympathyser of PF although openly differs Lungu’s approach to constitutional matters. He is the main man who sits in the council of Elders in ZEIC consisting Dr Anna Chifungula (who has no clue what is happening behind the big screen), Simon Zikas (equally unaware), Chibesa Kankasa.
So While Fr Chiti is in priestly robes, inside is PF sympathyser who was co-managing the PF PVT at Raddison Blu, a buffer for ECZ rigging on behalf of PF.
But clearly, the PVT FODEP, TIZ, ECZ and PF have is the same; they are same wine but only of different shades and in different bottles, take heed!

This is Part One!!!

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