How Zoona enslaved it’s agents

How Zoona Make their Agents Slaves than Entrepreneurs
Zoona a Mobile money Company in Zambia recruits Agents and gives them what they call Zoona Cash, this cash is what agents will use to make themselves commission. However, this cash does not given for free, it comes in form of a loan. What makes this Zoona Cash special is that this loan does not reduce in balance overtime. Zoona will give you K10,000 over time years and do not stop to charge you nor does the K10,000 reduce. Normal loans work in such a way that you have a specific time frame for you to get done paying off the loan.
Since there are no jobs in Zambia, Zoona has used poor Zambians who fall prey to such schemes. Once there is any fraud, Zoona will not help their Agents but request them to pay back the money or shut them down. Using this approach, Zoona has made many of its agents slaves than Entrepreneurs whereby most agents find themselves owing large amounts of money in a case they had many outlets and are forced to have payment plans that will be favorable to Zoona only.
When one faces fraud or theft, instead of Zoona helping out, they turn a deaf ear and REDUCE THE ZOONA CASH and request you to settle the cash or shut you down. What this implied is; suppose a teller stole K4,000, you are left with K6,000 out of the K10,000.00 when they reduce the zoona cash by K4,000 you are left with K2,000 to operate with. This is where the problem comes in, considering that you only have a K2,000 to operate with which is not enough to generate commission as you are expected to pay your worker K1,000 and pay Zoona what is called Franchise fee of K500 for using their booth. So in the end you are left with K500 for operations. Instead of Zoona helping you out to recover the money that was stolen from you, they squeeze you in a corner and request you pay back the money when you do not have any capacity to do so. They have forcefully made payment plans with employees on how the money is to be paid back.
Zambian Watchdog reported in 2015 that Zoona was collapsing very fast as they were failing to pay back their investors as the company directors spent their money on useless things.
In order to raise monies as a company Zoona has become so desperate that they now lend out kaloba to those so called agents and use the booth as collateral. When the poor agents earn their commissions the system automatically deducts the monies for the loan, all the agents have complained for a long time that ever since getting these loans for the booths the loan balance doesn’t move and this is tantamount to slavery and that’s why you see the booths open daily, it’s not customer service but slavery that makes them open the booths otherwise what they get as commission is peanuts. They have become so desperate that they now want to start extending this Kaloba business to the public.
Currently there has been a rising number of booths that have been closed because agents kept on suffering the loss while Zoona has been gaining. Zoona has made agents walk away with an amount as less as K300 per month (after all expenses) plus are required to pay back more than K2,000 per month for this Zoona Cash owing.
All those that saw this evil and tried to protect the agents have either been fired or resigned to seek opportunities elsewhere. The Company is not in Zambia to help communities thrive but to make them suffer.

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