Howard Kunda says he can join PF if given vice-presidency

MMD Muchinga member of Parliament Howard Kunda says he can only defect to the Patriotic Front (PF) if the ruling party offered him the number two job in the country.

Mr Kunda said anything short of that, especially a deputy ministerial position, would not compel him to ditch the party his late father George Kunda served until his death in April last year after an illness.

“If they really want me, they should give me the vice presidency,” Mr Kunda said.

“If it is vice presidency, yes, because I know that if anything happens, I will be President of this country.”
Mr Kunda’s “intentions” were aired on a clip recorded for the Hot FM breakfast show.

Mr Kunda said he could never serve as a deputy minister because his father had raised the bar above that level having served as a Vice President and that he (Howard) can only continue from where his late father ended.

“If they wanted me, that is what I have been telling them, they should give me the vice presidency, not deputy minister. It is something that I will not go for because I have passed that level of deputy minister,” he said.

Mr Kunda said as Vice President, he could also get an occasional opportunity to act as President whenever the President is out of the county on national duties.

“I was told that I was going to be a deputy minister in the Office of Vice-President. When you look at deputy minister of Office of the Vice-President, how can I carry on the legacy of my late father?” he wondered.

Mr Kunda further revealed that some PF officials are  inciting councillors to resign from the MMD and join the ruling party.
He also urged parliamentarians in opposition to continue providing checks and balances on Government to ensure good governance and development in the country.

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