HPCZ failing to control quacks in private hospitals

Dear Sir,

We understand that the responsibility of Health Professions Council is to supervise and at the same time to check and balance the professional qualifications of the private doctors who are working in private clinics.

But to our regret that, health professions council has seriously failed to do that.

Following is an example of that. It happened last year in one of the busiest clinics in town -named Mums Care Clinic and Hospital.

There are doctors in Mumscare who have got the license of practicing as a general practitioner only.

But to my surprise they are practicing as a consultant in Mums Care. And doing major operations like   Caesarean section, abdominal hysterectomy etc.

One of the doctor, named Dr. Jahan alam, wife of one of the Director of mums care is currently under investigation for fracturing a baby’s leg during caesarean section.

Because of being the wife of the director, she is doing all major and minor gynaecological operations in Mums Care. Although she is never been registered as a consultant in HPCZ.

My question is, these  things has been going on at these private hospitals for a long time and health professions council hasn’t done anything until now when somebody complained.

So that means we have to  wait to see ,when one of our dear and near ones will die or seriously maltreated at the hands of these doctors  and then HPCZ will come into the field to rectify. Suppose if that baby died in that operation.

Do you think that, complaining to HPCZ will bring the life back? I don’t think so. So through your paper, I want everybody to  get more concerned about these issues and put pressure on HPCZ to be more vigilant in these matters  and act seriously against these so called consultants who have seriously undermine the professions  and dignity of health practitioners as a whole and put it in jeopardy.

Thank you for reading this e-mail once again. I hope you can make a difference.

Concerned Citizen

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