HPCZ HR director accused of jobs for sex, bribes

HPCZ HR director accused of jobs for sex, bribes

HPCZ HR boss sexually recruiting people

Innocent Kolala, Chief Human Resources Officer  at Health Practitioners Council of Zambia head office in Lusaka has in the recent past abusing his office in recruiting people into

Innocent Kolala

the institution. Most females have to sleep with him while men have to bribe him to get a job, Ruth Chilinda and Abigail Banda are being the two ladies he recently employed.

Kolala, who openly boasts of having connections within the PF and that he will be adopted as a parliamentary candidate in 2021 has also established connections with
with his cousin Dr Aaron Banda, Registrar at General Nursing Council of Zambia where  2 female junior registration officers were hired and in exchange Kolala employed Dr. Banda’s son, Smart.

Abigail, who has since been dumped for Ruth Chilinda is still at the HPCZ Head office while Ruth had her apointment terminated at HPCZ, Ndola office due to overstaffing, but Kolala squeezed her at GNCZ in a similar post she held at HPCZ.

Most people who Kolala appoints are sent to regional offices in Ndola and Kasama  but due to financial challenges, some of them could not be confirmed while others still were reappointed into lower positions.

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