HRC concerned with Zambia’s image under PF

HRC concerned with Zambia’s image under PF

The Human Rights Commission has expressed deep concern over what it has termed as the erosion of respect for the constitution.

Commission director Enoch Mulembe says the constitution of the land clearly states that every citizens has the fundamental right to assembly, expression and association, hence must be respected.

Commenting on the denial by the police to grant the opposition UPND a go ahead with their public rallies, Mr. Mulembe says it is saddening that the police have failed to give a clear reason for not allowing the opposition political party to hold public meetings.

Mr. Mulembe says Zambia as a democratic nation should be tolerant of divergent views, and cannot afford stop people from expressing their opinions over governance issues.

Speaking to QFM, Mr. Mulembe has urged the police to come out boldly and give clear explanations as why it has been denying the opposition permission to hold rallies.

He notes that country’s image will be affected if the respect for fundamental human rights under the United Nations is seen to be disregarded.

Mr. Mulembe has also urged political players, both in the opposition and the ruling party to tolerate each other.

He has particularly appealed to the ruling party to be in the fore-front in ensuring that democracy is upheld for the benefit of all citizens, regardless of political affiliation.

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