Hua Jiang, United Quarry mines in dirty war


Dear Watchdog

A corrupt Chinese bandit, Jian Zhang, who runs multiple illegal businesses in Zambia has been going round bragging that, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is right under his pocket, as a result, no case or report against him can ever grow legs and walk.
A Chinese crook Jian Zhang has become too powerful so much that the entire ACC is too small and fits in his pocket.

The case being that, Jian Zhang runs a Quarry mine in Makeni called Hua Jiang Investments. From September 2019, this bandit has been bribing various elements in different government departments, to help him close down United Quarries – a company owned by indigenous Zambians located in Chongwe area just adjacent to Mika Convention Center.
The only crime that United Quarries has committed is that, it offers serious completion to Hua Jiang Investments.
Currently, an analysis has shown that the greatest construction in Zambia takes place on the eastern part of Lusaka, therefore, all persons building are buying their quarry dust from United Quarries. This means that Hua Jiang Investments has lost out business big time. This has angered the bandit Jian Zhang.
Using his driver Francis Mukuka who is a much known fraudster, Jian has dragged to Court United Quarries, with a view to halt all mining activities. The reason being that, the mining activities are being done in a residential area. What surprises is that, Francis Mukuka doesn’t live in that area where United Quarries is mining but lives in Roma, which is arguably 8 kilometers away from the site.
What then is his interests in this issue?
The people living around United Quarries have no complain whatsoever about this. In fact, given the rich history of this mine, many people in the eastern part of Lusaka would love to see this business flourish because their building is a result of the products therein. To see ZEMA, the Chongwe Council and other government officials take sides of Jian and his corruption is the worst feeling of betrayal that every concerned Zambian has. What would make anyone to make decision in favor of a crook like Jian, and decide to place on the chopping board indigenous Zambians running United Quarries?
The beneficiaries of Jian Zhang’s corruption are Chongwe District Commissioner Robstar Mwanza and his Town Clerk Mulowa Sichumba – all have been bribed. Minister of Local Government Charles Banda has been bribed. Sick Peter Daka and three fellow thieves in Parliament have been paid. That idiot Paul Moonga, the interim PF Lusaka Province Chairperson has been bribed.

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