Huawei completes installing hacking devices on all Internet Service Providers in Zambia.

Huawei completes installing hacking devices on all Internet Service Providers  in Zambia.

Huawei Technologies Limited of China has completed installing email hacking devices on all Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Zambia.

According to information reaching the Zambian Watchdog, the development means that starting the first week of October 2013, all emails originated or passing through Zambian domiciled ISP’s like Zamtel, Microlink, Coppernet, Uunet, Zamnet and many more may be hacked as and when the Patriotic Front government feels so.

The Zambian Watchdog came to know about this development after some officials from Huawei Technologies are reported to have complained to the Zambian government for rewarding its rival ZTE with a huge government contract for attempting to block the Zambian Watchdog.

Huawei officials are said to have complained that there company did a lot to block the Zambian Watchdog as compared to ZTE but ZTE was rewarded with a US $ 210 million tender to supply CCTV equipment to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The Huawei officials said ZTE only installed equipment at Zambia’s International Gateway while Huawei installed equipment in all ISP’s as a result the company needed to benefit more.

After being notified of the Huawei’s complaint to government, the Zambian Watchdog launched its own investigations and can comfortably confirm that Huawei has completed installing the email hacking devices.

According to a senior source, the equipment could have cost the Zambian taxpayer not less than US$ 75 million.

The source said the equipment is now being tested and come October everything will be fully fledged. The source said the safer way of emailing after October 2013 may be the use of a international service providers especially Gmail account.

The source said the whole phone and email hacking programe has full blessings of the Zambia Information, Communication and Technology Authority (ZICTA) management. The programe is being spearheaded by an Intelligence Officer a Mr. Liwanga who is based at ZICTA offices on United Nations Avenue in Lusaka. ZICTA offices are the former United States of America embassy.

Zambian Watchdog will in due course publish the whole list of ISP’s that have these hacking devices installed on their network.

We will also publish names of all officials involved in this programme including Chinese and some Russian Nationals.

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