Huge number of UPND supporters in Malambo

The other day I heard from government TV and read in Daily Mail that 2, 500 people in Malambo constituency of Eastern Province have defected from the UPND to PF. These people are said to have defected with the former MP and Minister of mines Maxwell Mwale who was arrested for stealing bicycles and convicted of corruption by the Michael Sata government.

My view is that the PF should not celebrate but cry about this. If this huge number of people in that village constituency were UPND cadres, then indeed UPND has penetrated Lungu’s bedroom. If 2, 500 defected, then there must be larger numbers remaining in UPND and in fact these same ones are UPND at heart and come August, they may just vote for their chosen party UPND. Maybe they just wanted bicycles but they know that Zambia needs development not handouts. They are looking for a leader and party that can make it possible for them to buy not only bicycles but land cruisers without being reduced to beggars being paraded to receive bicycles. It is demeaning. People here can work and buy their own property if only there was a proper government in place that can create a conducive environment for farmers to grow food and sale.


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