Human Rights Commission condemns police brutality against UNZA students

The Human Rights Commission has condemned the heavy handed approach by the police to demonstrations by university of Zambia students.
Human Rights Commission Director Florence Chibwesha said Thursday morning that preliminary results have revealed that the police used excessive force against demonstrating UNZA students.
The report further reveals that the police threw teargas canisters in the University Clinic and arrested one patient.
She appealed to the police high command to quickly investigate the brutality by its officers.
And FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza has demanded for the arrest of police officers who burnt student hostels during the demonstrations.
Mwanza also condemned the violence by students against innocent motorists but was quick to mention that they had the right to demonstrate.
Mwanza said students have been demonstrating because the PF government has stolen the money meant for students’ meal allowances.
He pointed out that the threats by the university council to close the institution if demonstrations continue are ill informed and demanded for the disbanding of the council.
Mwanza noted that the university council should lobby the government to pay students instead of threatening to close the institution as this was not a solution to the problems that the university was facing.

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