Human Rights Commission suspicious of way Mailon brothers were massacred

Human Rights Commission suspicious of way Mailon brothers were massacred

IMG_0066[1]The Human Rights Commission says it will investigate circumstances under which the Mailoni brothers were killed before issuing a statement.

Human Rights Commission Director Florence Chibwesha says the commission is yet to determine whether or not the killing was done within the law authorizing officers to apply minimum force on resisting suspects.

Ms. Chibwesha says suspects are innocent until proven guilty by the courts of law.

She says looking at the case on face value, the killing was a violation of the Mailoni brother’s right to life.

But president Michael Sata, who has been releasing prisoners on death roll for murder has celebrated the butchering of the Mailon Brothers.

Sata, who thrives on bloody violence, said as commander in Chief of armed forces, he was happy that the soldiers murdered the brothers accused of killing people in the Luano valley.

A few weeks ago, soldiers shot dead civilians in Chongwe district over a land dispute but Sata as commander in Chief said nothing.

From the time he became president, Sata has been freeing criminals who have been jailed for murder, rape, armed robbery and other heinous crimes. These criminals went through the due process of the law and lawfully condemned to death of life imprisonment.

But Sata decided to free these and celebrate the butchering of the Mailon brothers who were charged with any crime before a competent court of law.

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