Lungu endorses blasphemous ‘Christians for Edgar Lungu movement’

Lungu endorses blasphemous ‘Christians for Edgar Lungu movement’


President Edgar Lungu has endorsed the launch of an organisation called Christians for Edgar Lungu, contrary to biblical teachings of Christian doctrine of total submission to Christ and not equating Christ to any mortal man

According to the state house managed ZANIS diary and obtained by the Watchdog, the launch was expected to take place at 09:00hrs at intercontinental hotel by some sponsored pastors and PF cadres. It has however been delayed slightly. This is equivalent to former President Kenneth Kaunda’s infamous ‘kumulu ni Less panshi ni Kaunda (God is in charge of heaven, the earth is under Kaunda)’ during his reign.

Lungu recently called for the national day of prayers, fasting and repentance and declared that it an annual holiday. He is also building a place of worship called the national tabernacle, which some religious scholars have described as the tower of Babel.



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