Humbled: ZRA officials return Post property

Following the court order issued by the High Court today, ZRA officials were this evening at The Post newspaper offices at 36 Bwinjimfumu Rd returning all the box files, records, hard-drives, laptops etc they got yesterday.

A humble Henry Phiri who was huffing and puffing all day yesterday today was busy begging photo-journalists not to take his picture saying “:this is a sensitive assignment and I shouldn’t be in the papers”. Meanwhile the OP, police, ZICTA, DEC and other offocials who came yesterday to raid the paper have disappeared leaving only authentic ZRA officials alone to face the embarrassmment of eating humble pie. No more boasting and threatens. Even the public media and other alligned radio stations they normally come with have not been invited at this juncture. The ZRA Public Relations officer Oliver Nzala who was filming the raid yesterday is nowhere to be seen filming their defeat. As if to show that this was ill-timed, the moment the ZRA officials came out of their cars, the heavens opened and rains came tumbling on the poor souls. Chimvula changwa!

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