Hundreds denounce PF in Chilubi , defect to UPND

Hundreds denounce PF in Chilubi , defect to UPND

Over 550 PF members defect to UPND in Kanchindi ward of Chilubi

It is becoming increasingly difficult for the Patriotic Front to organise their campaigns in Chilubi constituency as more of their members are leaving the party citing the high cost of living and unfulfilled promises amidst raising poverty levels.

And the PF scheme to disadvantage the UPND by broking them from bringing campaign vehicles on the Island has boomeranged in their faces as the UPND has been able to meet more voters on bicycles than they would have done had they used vehicles.

Today the UPND campaign team was in Kanchindi ward were it received about 150 former members of the PF at Kapampa Primary School and another 200 members at Mapanda Primary School.

At Mule village 250 more members of the ruling party defected to the UPND citing high poverty levels and unemployment.

The villager lamented that the PF has even resorted to charging them between K1000 and K1500 for them to use their own boats to go fishing.

The villagers said the PF had promised to build schools, health centres and construct roads in Chilubi but they have fulfilled non of their promises.

They said no PF official has gone back to them to report on development as they were promised and are surprised with the increased traffic of PF members from outside Chilubi asking them for votes.

The UPND team encouraged them to get whatever PF gives them but they should keep the choice of their preferred candidate Stanislaus Chele a guarded secret.

“They are only back because of the death of the area Member of Parliament. Do we surely have to wait for death for them to start working? The PF has not delivered in the last four year and there is absolutely no guarantee they will deliver their promises in one year,” said Risto Mushembe the UPND campaign manager.

The new Ilambo ward councillor Kelvin Mwansa asked Chilubi voters to emulate the people Lupososhi by rejecting the PF.

He said while they were suffering and starving because they cannot afford the cost of mealie meal at K200, the PF officials they voted for were busy sharing contracts and stealing public resources.

The people of Kanchindi ward said no money or PF regalia will move them to ever vote for PF.

“It is too much of stealing in the PF government. They are always telling lies and this time we are resolved to change government and bring in HH. PF must go,” said another lady.

Tomorrow the UPND campaign team will be in Chikundu ward were it will address gour meetings.


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