Hundreds in Luanshya ditch PF for UPND

Hundreds in Luanshya ditch PF for UPND

The levels of productivity in the country have gone drastically down  due to increased load shedding under the PF government, says UPND Copperbelt Province Chairman Elisha Matambo.

Speaking when he received more than 1500 new members from Roan and Luanshya constituencies yesterday, Matambo said PF government especially under president Edgar Lungu will go down in history as the worst government evimage imageer.

Mr. Matambo called President Lungu to immediately address the nation on the true state of the nation especially now that the power utility company ZESCO has ordered the mining companies to start reducing power consumption a situation that will lead to revenue loss and joblessness in the country especially on Copperbelt.

He said the claim by the PF that load shedding was due to low rainfall was a mere scapegoat and a total lie because the same PF government has continued exporting power to neighboring countries when there was a serious national power deficit at home.

And in interview Matambo called on Lungu to immediately dissolve parliament and go for an early election since the PF were already openly campaigning going by their sponsored radio adverts.

Matambo said it was unacceptable for the Election Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to allow PF campaign adverts outside the campaign period.

He also urged the UPND members countrywide to embrace new members as the party was now the biggest position opposition political party that is forming government in the next elections.

Mr. Matambo said it was not easy for people to defect from the ruling party to the opposition especially when people were busy buying people in the country.

Most of the people who joined the UPND were from the PF and some from MMD.


Issued by: UPND National Campaign Centre, Lusaka


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