Hundreds lose property after Zesco high voltage

Hundreds lose property after Zesco high voltage


Hundreds of Kabwe residents in Mine compound on Friday had their electrical and electronic appliances damaged after a sudden high power voltage, they are demanding compensation from Zesco.

Residents disclosed that at about 19:00hrs in K section of Mine compound, there was a sudden high electricity voltage which blew bulbs, TV sets, fridges, computers, decoders and stoves, sending the owners into panic.

Zesco Public Relations manager Henry Kapata says the company will ascertain the extent of damage but in a contradictory statement, Kapata blames the electricians who did the wiring.

The residents have dismissed Kapata’s claim because the houses have been in existence for a long time and that even in new establishments, before Zesco connects power, they send their own electricians to do an inspection.

Like Zampost and other parastatals, Zesco is also a failed project under PF and soon Zambians must be prepared for massive blackouts due to lack of recapitalisation and appointment of senior management based on political patronage.

There is also high theft of company funds to finance political activities favourable to ruling PF.

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