Hundreds of Lusaka bus drivers join UPND, to scribe aleisa aleisa on their buses

Hundred of Bus drivers from Lusaka’s City Market bus station yesterday joined the opposition UPND at a colorful ceremony held at the party secretariat.

The jubilating group was led by Public and Private Bus Drivers Association Chairperson Mr. Mwansa Mwaume who is also Kulima Tower and City Market Drivers Association Coordinator and the Association Secretary General Mr. Tembo as well as a representative popularly known as “Buffalo”.

Representing several drivers, Mr. Mwansa lamented the drivers’ disappointment on the way PF has u-turned in the many promises the ruling Party made during campaigns that encouraged bus drivers under difficult environment to join their ‘DONCHI KUBEBA’ campaign slogan to kick the MMD out of power.

“PF promised bus drivers reduced and end to unnecessary road-blocks, more money in our pockets, more jobs, Lower taxis, good housing for all, reduced corruption, Clean water, end to medical prescriptions to patients at hospitals, end to load-shedding and good education to all.

“Today non of the above promises has been fulfilled by Mr. Sata’s PF government. It’s all donchi kubeba which means #bufi, ” said Mwansa.

Another representative, Mr. Tembo expressed disappointment on what he called broad daylight robbery on the PF Government’s bus loans scheme which has not benefited genuine Bus Drivers but fake relatives to PF leaders in the name of empowerment.

“We have also suffered as drivers, the so-called minimum wage is all “BUFI (lies)” as drivers have continued to get poor wages despite government pronouncement due to lack of tracking programmes to ensure adherence to government policies”

Meanwhile, BUFFALO warned UPND Leadership not to also just use and and later dump drivers and people of Zambia after forming government in 2016 or before like the PF has done to them.
“Naimwe, mukatichite vamene bati chita aba ba PF, kuza kankala ndeo muziko ndaba simuzakaitamba bwino (if you also do like what the PF have done to us, we shall fight”
” Nabatuchusha ba PF, ama Roadblocks fulu-fulu each 200 mitres nishi nishi roadblock nama receipts balileka nokutupela nomba (we are suffering under PF with too many road-blocks. Almost every 200 meters is a roadblock. And they never even give us receipts”.

And the Chairperson on behalf of Bus Drivers has urged UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to go back to Kasama as it is part of Zambia like any other town or place to which citizens are free to visit.

“This is not Sudan where they have Southern and Northern Sudan where citizens don’t see eye to eye. If bati HH needs extra security, we have ” imimbulu” we can organize from all Lusaka Bus Stations to travel with him”

“We appeal to drivers across the nation to stand together as we stood together to usher PF in Power the same influence must be used to kick them out. They didn’t have a plan and this is evident from the chaotic policy implementation of PF government,” he said.

“Bunga nabudula, fuel teyakulanda elyo baletulaya ati we will be getting cheap fuel from Angola. We shall scribes of Aleisa aleisa on our busses eyakaba ema reflectors yesu kuma Bus ” PF must go twachula pafula.

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