Hundreds of Lozis prepare to renounce Zambian citizenships

Hundreds of Lozis prepare to renounce Zambian citizenships

BAROTSE activits after appeared for continued trial in Kaoma before Magistrate Zulu for allegedly tearing 113 copies.-by COLLINS PHIRI

In a complete show of defiance hundreds of Barotseland activists openly and publicly voiced out their desire to renounce their Zambian citizenship to take on Barotseland citizenship.

The story which was fully covered by MUVI Tv showed hundreds of Barotses declaring that a public renunciation of Zambian citizenship to that of Barotseland is to take place very soon.

See  the video here

This is in spite of the continued arrest of anyone showing any sort of sympathy to the newly declared self rule in Barotseland. The hundreds of mostly Linyungandambo supporters, men and women, told the MUVI Tv that they are ready to throw away their green Zambia National Registration Cards (NRCs) and passport because they are not Zambians any more as they belong to the new state of Barotseland.

“There is nothing we benefit from Zambia that we can not do for ourselves, and that we are not afraid any more because calling for self rule is not a crime” declared one activists.

This is according to MUVI Tv prime time news monitored by Barotsepost a while ago at 18:30hrs CAT.

71 Barotse activists are currently detained on treasonous felony in Zambian prisons for sympathizing with calls for Barotseland separate state. The separatists who were rounded up by Zambia police have since denied the charge of treason, which carries a maximum penalty of death under Zambian laws, at the court hearing in Mongu, the capital of Barotseland. They argued that it was illegal for Zambian courts to try them and said other organizations — the United Nations, for example, or the African Union — could set up a tribunal to handle their cases.

Magistrate Benson Mwanandiwa adjourned the case to Oct. 2, saying such issues should be decided by the southern African country’s High Court, which is the only tribunal that can hand down a death sentence.

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