‘Hundreds to be ferried to Lusaka using public funds’

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Can you imagine how costly it is to the Nation coffers just to provide transport, food, accommodation and allowances to the thousands of people who will fill up the Heroes stadium in Lusaka so that people can be deceived of huge turnout of people witnessing the Signing of the constitution by our President.
At least twenty people from each constituency here in Western Province ie Sikongo Mwandi Shangombo, Lukulu, Mitete , Mangango, Mulobezi and etc including the sixteen District Commissioners and there wives, over100 PF Member from the province and Government officials from the Provincial Administration will today 04/01/16 be starting off for Lusaka to go and witnesses the accenting of the new constitution by our President.
Here we are talking of over six hundred people from Western province alone travelling to Heroes stadium at the expense of tax payers money.
My question is, what is really the reason of inviting all these people just to go and cheer the President? ? What value will they bring to the Signing of the constitution? ? Why can’t they channel the money towards any developmental programmes or even helping the poor?
I know some people will argue with this information saying it is just the watchdog propaganda yet it is a fact.
Would the late Micheal Sata do this if he was still the President or its just me who is seeing this not to be okay? ??

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