Hunger looms in Katuba constituency

Hunger is looming in Katuba constituency, just like many other rural places in the country due to government’s delay in delivering farming inputs.

Government only delivered seed in January this year, most of the maize is still below the knee and residents are worried that rains may end before their crops mature and as we write some have areas not yet received basal fertilizer.

The place is dominated by peasant farmers who rely on government supported agriculture programmes like the Farmer input supply program (FISP) which PF government have not only reduced but have mismanaged.

The peasant farmers spoken to said the area did not have any agriculture facilities like storage sheds and that they have to take their produce to the nearest depot in Chibombo at their own cost

The few privileged farmers with supportive relatives in urban areas managed to buy maize seed and fertilizer and have opted to reserve the delayed 2013/2014 package to be used in the 2014/2015 season.

Katuba constituency will be voting a new MP on 25th February following the death of area MP Dr. Patrick Chikusu who was suspected of dying of food poison, voters have said the mismanaged agriculture will be an election issue.






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